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It's expensive but really good – worth it.
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Cle de Peau concealer

It's $85 CAN/$65 US. For just 5 g.

Yep, I'm talking about a concealer. A stick concealer by prestige brand Clé de Peau. And yes, it's really expensive. But it's also really good. The melts-into-the-skin formula delivers impressive coverage with just a touch of product.

Of course Clé de Peau concealer is my favourite concealer now. I'm wearing it in every photo I'm in on this blog (except one from years back, in which I have curlers in my hair – so unpretty). The Beige shade is exactly right for my complexion (other shades include Ivory, Ochre and Honey), and because I need only a little to get good results, the stick will last for ages (two years! thank goodness).

I use my ring finger to pat my Clé de Peau concealer over darkness at the inner corners of my upper lids, under my eyes and at the outer vee of my eyes, as well as to cover redness around the base of my nose and just under my lower lip. If I have to cover spots, I use a tiny-tipped concealer brush to dab a bit over the offender then set it with M.A.C Blot Powder/Pressed.

Properly placed concealer that blends into your skin takes off the years. Getting rid of dark shadows and redness also allows your features to shine. Your eyes and skin look brighter, and you need less makeup to look polished. Do you have to spend $$$ on a concealer to get the effect? Not necessarily. But if you want to, this is the one to buy.

Clé de Peau cosmetics are available at select boutiques and department stores; visit for specifics.