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Can you get UNstuck in 6 hours of "Stuck"? You could TRY!

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I know a little something about being stuck. Most of us do, whether we're aware of it or not.

"My daughter realized I was stuck before I did," says Clarice (above, third from the left), who for years put duty and family before her own needs. "I had made my life about making sure everything was done properly before I could go out or do anything for myself." Once her kids were grown and needed her less, Clarice found herself at a loss, unfulfilled, less healthy than she should be, wondering is this it? Then her daughter intervened. "She helped me understand that I'd withdrawn from my life, forgotten how to be happy and make myself happy, become the opposite of the fun-loving person I used to be," says Clarice. "And she helped me do something about it. She wanted her mom back, she said!"

Thanks to her daughter, Clarice is one of seven very different women who, determined to get out of their ruts, signed up as participants in the W Network series "Stuck." The half-hour show follows Bonnie, Tracy, Clarice, Magnolia, Maxine, Mary and Nicole as together they face challenges to help them regain their self-esteem and find the confidence and strength to break through the fears and patterns that kept them from living fully.

The 13-episode series is almost done, but fear not -- a 12-episode "Stuck" marathon starts this evening on W at 6 pm E.T., so you can watch the group come together, bond over their differences and similarities, and help each other with laughter and occasional tears through their journey. "Now I'm more independent," says Clarice. "I realized life really is what you make of it. People tell me all the time now that I'm so much happier -- and I really am!"

The thing about being stuck in a life rut is that if or when you figure it out, you suddenly wonder where the time has gone. It's so unfair, because unlike flying-by fun time, when you're stuck time crawls, for months and often years, dragging more and more of your confidence, motivation and dreams in the dust. Ruts steal time.

But something as simple as watching a TV show can trigger an action effective enough to change direction, however deep your rut. So six hours of "Stuck" will be time well spent.

Photo courtesy of 52 Media Inc.


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