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Got Milk? Canus Fresh Goat's Milk Skin Care

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Something about Canus Fresh Goat's Milk skin care makes me want to vacation in a rustic, French countryside setting. One with modest, comfy white linens, fluttery curtains, and a handsome single, straight, sexy male neighbour. Maybe he designs chic luxury watches with a modern style attitude and a sense of humour?

Whoops -- where was I? Oh yes. Québec. Countryside. Not Paris. Or Geneva.

Canus is a Québec-based super-affordable line of soaps, cleansers, body lotions and body creams formulated with fresh goat's milk. I think the scent is what makes me think of rusticating en français. It's that soapy-clean-yet-fragrancy lotion smell from the 70s, like the stuff your mum made you put on after bathtime when you were a kid (in the times before Princess Barbie and her overly-made-up clique took over). The quirky goat-face image on the packaging notwithstanding, there's a nostalgic pharmacy-luxe quality to the line, at least to the Original Formula I tried (others include fragrance-free and Orchid Oil). The soap is simple and creamy, the body lotion is pearlescent and silky, and the thick body butter leaves skin velvety and satisfyingly hydrated. All this at prices starting at just under $6 SRP.

Canus Goat's Milk skin care is available at grocery and drug stores across Canada and the US. It's also available in France, Korea, Vietnam and Japan. For more info, visit

Handsome French-speaking neighbour-fellows who design cool watches...? Well. Not quite as easy to find. Not quite.

Photo courtesy of Canus Goat's Milk.


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