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For Sleepyheads and Swimmers: AG Peppermint Wash Shampoo and Stimulating Hair and Scalp Conditioner

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I do like a good tingle in the morning. Especially during the muggy days of summer. Or if waking up is important.

You, too, can have that morning tingle, with Peppermint Wash Shampoo ($13 CAN/$12 US) and Stimulating Hair and Scalp Conditioner ($14) from Canadian haircare company AG. Pepped up with menthol, the shampoo is designed for active types who shampoo often, for folks with oily scalp and hair, and for swimmers who struggle with that chlorine-green tint. Zippy-fresh like the shampoo, the conditioner strengthens, softens and boosts shine, plus helps manage dandruff-related itching and flaking. Both formulas also contain sunscreen ingredients to protect hair from UV exposure.

It's good when cool heads prevail.

For more information and retail availability, visit Photo courtesy of AG Hair Cosmetics.