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F is for Foxy Originals: Jewelry with Personality

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Sheesh. Young people today. They meet at university, start making jewelry, sell it to their friends and local boutiques, graduate, immediately go into business together to design and manufacture more jewelry, sell it all over North America before cracking the UK and Japan, and enjoy seeing celebrities wearing their creations.


Jen Kluger and Suzie Orol of Foxy Originals were ground-breakers when they formally established themselves in 2003. Just out of school, armed with business degrees and a vision of high-style jewelry people their age could afford, they made an impact with their youth, drive and fresh, distinctive approach to jewelry design.


I was fairly new at my first job at a major magazine when I first heard about Foxy. I liked the playful energy of their pieces, but really, I was more stuck on their ages. It's a big thing to launch a business. BIG. The concept of such bravery from two girls so young was, frankly, bewildering to me -- I was in my early 30s and had only just discovered my career.

As Foxy's success grows, as their jewelry appears in magazine after magazine, on TV show after TV show and on celebs such as Sienna Miller and Nellie Furtado, that same wow-they-were-so-young-how-did-they-know? floats in the back of my mind. And in my late-bloomer fashion, I realized only recently that it's not about knowing. It's about forging ahead and taking risks, being brave, confident and determined enough not to let fear get in your way.


Sheesh. All I'd meant to do here was show you some pretty stuff, like their Freya reversible necklaces (top), Mariposa pendants (middle), and Fin charms (above), and say a few words about another successful Canadian brand. Sometimes the diary aspect of a blog (well, that's what blogs were before they were blogs, before the internet) gets me as I'm writing.

Well, we all wear inspiration in some way, don't we? Looking Foxy is a bonus.

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