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Green Beauty... from Canada Post? Yup.

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Save trees, keep your bills in order, reduce greenhouse gas emissions... one of these things may seem unlike the others, but they all have something in common: Canada Post.

You can save trees by registering with Canada Post's free, secure, online bill delivery service, epost. According to their stats, if every one of Canada's 12 million households switched to paperless billing, we'd save up to 478,000 trees. In your daily life, you'll cut down significantly on the amount of paper streaming into your home, save yourself tedious filing (epost keeps the bills in order for you), and receive payment reminders to help keep you on track. And if you're one of the first 150,000 new customers to sign up between now and October 7, 2008, epost will donate $1 for each of those new customers, including you, to support The Good Life, an online community created by the World Wildlife Fund of Canada to work toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

That so counts as green beauty.

Photo: Karen Falcon