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F is for Flies-Under-the-Radar: Marcelle Hydra-C Complex E

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I'm pretty sure everyone knows of the Marcelle brand of skincare and cosmetics. They've been a drugstore staple for as long as I remember, definitely since I was a teenager. Yes, that was only last month, but no matter -- the brand was born in Chicago in 1933, Canadian distribution began in 1949 via a Québec pharmacy called Cape's Drugs, and in 1974 the son of Cape's founder bought Marcelle entirely and moved everything to Québec. So now it's made in Canada.

As the title of this post indicates, Marcelle has been just under my radar for a bit (I had a couple of Marcelle cosmetics when I was a teen). When the Hydra-C Complex E stuff came out, I tried the Hydrating Fluid and the Moisturizing Gel Cream (nice texture); my skin liked both. But it was the dramatic difference in my 20-something friend's complexion that really made me take note. J's skin was noticeably dry and patchy before she tried the Hydra-C Complex-E collection, which includes cleanser, exfoliating gel, and moisturizing lotion and cream (cream is better for drier skin). Within a couple of weeks, we noticed her skin was smooth, hydrated and healthy looking. Flawless, actually. I asked J again the other day what she thought about the products: "Omigod I love that stuff!" she said immediately.

’Nuff said.

Marcelle's Hydra-C Complex E line ranges from $13.25 to $22.50 and is available in major drugstores across Canada (including London Drugs which has an online store!)