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Lashes, Lips, Skin: Lise Watier Eyeliner, Plumpissimo Gloss and Havana Dry Oil

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I've whinged before about my annoying lack of lashes -- you know, I have just seven of them, three on one lid, four on the other? And they like to switch lids without telling? My mum has sparse lashes, too -- she's not a fan of how they look if she wears mascara: like skinny little spikes with too much space between them, I think she said. And yep, I have the same issue.

But black liner along the inner rim of my upper lid at the base of said sparse lashes says nyah-nyah-nyah to that.

Regular liner becomes a mess right quick if it's worn this way, so I'm into budge-not formulas. I'm pretty happy with the Waterproof Eyeliner ($16) from Canadian company Lise Watier because it glides on easily, with satisfying intensity, and has good staying power.


I've added a new gloss to my faves, and it isn't a watermelon shade. Lise Watier Plumpissimo Gloss in Nude ($20) is a neutral pink with subtle gold shimmer. Packed with hydrating hyaluronic acid, the gloss tingles ever so slightly at first and is surprisingly comfortable yet long lasting. I get compliments when I wear it, and comfortable + compliments = love.


Now this next one, Lise Watier Havana Dry Oil Body Glow ($38), is a tough sell to the average woman -- that is, the woman who considers herself average. Only insanely gorgeous amazons like Giselle Bündchen, or trendy, shiny chippies like Lauren Conrad, or movie stars like Charlize Theron can wear shimmery golden-bronze stuff on their skin and look great, right?

Well nyah, nyah, nyah to that too. I smoothed this silky, fragrant oil on my skin and promptly swanned around my apartment feelin' all sexy-like. Uh... the important thing here is that it made me feel good (looked good on the skin, too), despite the vanilla-ish scent, which has never been a favourite scent of mine. I'm so going to wear this dry oil when I go out. I'm sure Clive-O won't mind if the shimmer rubs off on him some.

Lise Watier cosmetics are available at select drug and department stores; visit for retailers.


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