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F is for Faithful: M.A.C Blot Powder and Lip Balm

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As soon as I find out someone has oily skin, I tell her she needs M.A.C Blot Powder pressed powder. Oh goodness, I just realized that's exactly what happens. I don't ask whether she uses it, I tell her she must. Well so she should. Men, too.

I have oily skin. M.A.C Blot Powder/Pressed ($25 CAN/$21 US) is something I use faithfully -- won't leave home without it. With just a little concealer to hide shadows and redness first, Blot Powder makes my complexion look near flawless without looking like I'm wearing makeup (I'm wearing it in this photo).


Formulated with very little colour, the powder is weightless, almost without texture on skin, and never becomes a cakey mess, no matter how many times I touch up. In fact, these days I'm a tad lazy with touch ups, but it's all right. With Blot Powder, my skin stays matte for ages then gets dewy rather than oil-slick shiny. It also feels fresher for longer. Without Blot Powder, in about an hour my skin starts to feel as though it's been Saran wrapped. Ick. And ick!


Every makeup client I've had knows how much I love M.A.C Lip Conditioner ($15 CAN/$12.50 US). Every time I put it on a client, pretty much without fail, the client says, "oh, this feels and smells really good, what is it?" And a few minutes later, every client's lips look lush and healthy (must be all that almond oil, shea butter, avocado extract, wheat germ oil, and Vitamins A and E), ready for a smooth application of lip colour.


This summer, Tendertones Lip Balm SPF 12 ($17.50 CAN/$14.50 US) has also caught my attention. It glides on with a silky texture and a light fruity flavour. Delicious colours range from nude to soft to bright and leave a sexy sheen. Many shades are limited editions; get them while you can.

And yes, M.A.C is U.S. owned. But it was made in Canada. (I checked with my staff. She agrees it fits the made-in-Canada theme, so there.)

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