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Just Geeking – and eating some crow

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For two days I've been trying to find a recipe to make crow a tad more enjoyable. (Young ’uns who don't know "eating crow," as my mum and dad would say: look it up. Here. *grin*)

Turns out I'm a new fan of "Canadian Idol." I watched it earlier this week and wow, we've got some singing types, haven't we? I'd like to mention my favourites -- I found myself reaching for the phone to vote, for heaven's sake -- but I won't tell. And surprise, I rather like the judges. They do care.

Know what turned me off watching in the first place? The auditions from people who can't sing! Bad singing is worse than bad dancing. You can just look away from bad dancing. You have to leave the room, change the channel or at least hit mute to get away from bad singing. Those worst-audition segments make me cringe rather than laugh. I get so embarassed for the painfully singin'-talent-free. Ack.

But now I know. Watch the show after the real contestants have made the cut. And hit mute if something sounds off.