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Clever Canadian Cargo Cosmetics: for All Seasons

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Cargo Cosmetics is cool. Aside from producing quality products, the Canadian company has won all kinds of awards for innovative packaging. You've likely heard or read lots about one of their most recent achievements, PlantLove lipstick ($20), a botanical formula lip colour in a biodegradeable tube. Made out of corn polymer, the lipstick case will break down under compost conditions (not in your purse).

Other nifty notables includeColorCards ($28 CAN/$24 US), biz-card sized cards embossed with a layer of eye shadow, and Daily Gloss ($12), a blister-pack set-up with bitsy doses of gloss to tear off and put in your teensy purse, snug jeans pocket, or already-jammed makeup case. And when the season hits, look out for Cargo's holiday gift and greeting cards -- they all include a bubble of gloss as part of the jaunty card front. Clever with a girlish twist, all.


One of my standard Cargo loves (I have more than I can mention in this post) is their Medium Matte Bronzer, which appears this year as part of a handy, special-edition Bronzing Collection ($45). For a girl whose t-zone could help keep the cost of gas down if we could figure out how to process that kind of oil, a matte bronzer is genius. But this year I have a new love: Multi-Mix Bronzer ($30 CAN/$28 US), a liquid bronzer that blends to a beautiful, sheer, born-lucky glow. Mix a couple of drops with foundation or moisturizer if you like, but I like the finish when I use it on its own.


If poolside is your territory, check out the Melt-Proof Makeup Collection ($39). I'm engaged in a little flirt session with the Melt-Proof Bronzer as well as the 3-in-1 Eye-Cheek-Lip Palette for easy, natural, summer-kissed prettiness. I'm not keen on how the texture looks or feels on my lips, but the finger-painty collection is a winner on skin.

And guess what? My fave works-like-waterproof Clinique Lash Power Mascara has company. Cargo Better-Than-Waterproof Mascara ($20) holds up the same way, unaffected by rain, tears, humidity or oil-slick eyelids, yet comes off easily with warm water or makeup remover. Haven't worn it for a workout yet because I've slothed out for three weeks, but I will soon and report back.

I'll confess, however, to having worn Better-than-Waterproof mascara to sleep to see whether I'd have a smudgy mess around my eyes come wake-up time. I didn't -- and Clive-O didn't have an inkling in the least.

Cargo Cosmetics is available at select department stores and at Sephora.