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F is for 'Fessing Up, 5-Factor Fitness and Forecasting

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Here I am beaming with L.A.-based personal trainer Harley Pasternak when he was in town recently to launch Nestea Vitao, a new line of natural, antioxidant-rich iced tea. A Canadian fella, he's helped hone the physiques of Benjamin Bratt and Halle Berry.

Well, I used an interview for as an excuse to gush about how much I love Pasternak's super-efficient 5-Factor workout (based on the same principles P90X trainer Tony Horton now cleverly calls "muscle confusion") -- and a few weeks later, I fell off the fitness wagon again. Sheesh. Don't tell.

That's the "’fessing up". I've slothed out for the last bit. Haven't been to the gym, lost track of whether it's two or three weeks… oops. It happens. Life, you know? And I feel the difference -- my original title for this post was "F is for Flabbo."

So it's back to the 5-Factor workout routine for me on Monday. And here's the "forecasting": it's going to be OWWWWW (yes, caps and italics). But it'll be great, too. I've missed it.

And that's no fib.

I should mention that Pasternak has two versions of this 5-Factor workout now. His more recent book, 5-Factor Diet, is chock-full of more sound advice and tasty, simple, five-ingredient recipies, plus an updated program which Pasternak promises is even more efficient than the original.

I've resisted trying the newer program because it takes me a while to push past 35-plus years of thinking my body can't do something. Silly, really, because a) the workout isn't crazy different from the first; b) I'm stronger now than I ever was; and c) the only exercise that gives me pause is a step-up set using a bench. Duh.

I'll amend my earlier decree: I'm starting the updated 5-Factor routine on Monday. I'll keep you posted.

If you're new to my appreciation of Pasternak and 5-Factor, here's why I'm a fan: Celebrity Body: Harley Pasternak's 5-Factor Fitness and My Healthy Makeover.