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F is for "Friend:" Ditched for Ben Affleck

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Oh yeah, I meant it. Yep, "friend," as in "some friendshe is."

Let me introduce you: the girlie in this photo is my delightful friend Heather Buchan, Associate Editor for Hello! Canada. Heather and I had a get-together planned for last weekend. We were going to get together to play with makeup in preparation for her wedding this Fall (she's going to be the most gorgeous bride).

But I got ditched.

For Ben Affleck.

A skinny Ben Affleck.

A skinny, defined-jaw handsome Ben Affleck.

A tall, skinny, defined-jaw handsome Ben Affleck in Calgary last weekend to host a OneXOne event in aid of impoverished kids.

Heather had to fly to Calgary to meet with him for work instead of meet with me, apparently.

Some friend, huh?


If Clive-O asks, we never had this conversation.