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F is for Fair? Notsomuch: Estella Warren is Genetically Gifted

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Janine Falcon and Estella Warren

Estella Warren loves rich, gourmet meals. That was not a life perk in the beauty-secrets swag bag I got at my coming out party.

Warren, if you remember, is a Canadian National Champion synchronized swimmer-turned Chanel N°5 model-turned Mark Wahlberg's co-star in Planet of the Apes. In town for the launch of Nestea Vitao, a new line of preservative-free antioxidant-rich iced teas, Warren is operating on just a couple of hours of sleep. Again I must kvetch. Sleep deprivation wasn't in my beauty-secrets bag either.

Tall, shiny and clearly naturally slender, Warren's just under 30 according to the birthdate on her IMDB profile, and she's back on the modelling circuit, she says. She's also a little dorky, which I love.

A bit non-plussed when I ask her about her beauty regimen, Warren stumbles over her words and then confesses that she doesn't really have one. "I'm not a cleansing freak," she says. "I usually use whatever I have lying around. Sometimes it's Dove soap, and sometimes it's a basic Neutrogena cleanser."

She thinks some more. "Oh, and I use a moisturizing cream from a line called Embryolisse; it's cheap in France."

She doesn't exfoliate or use fancy anti-aging serums on her clear skin. Genetics. Huh.

Warren's role at the event is of opening MC. She introduces celebrity trainer and fellow Canadian Harley Pasternak, who is here to introduce the iced tea, so I ask whether she's a client. "I was," she says. "Harley's great. But I love my gourmet food, my foie gras, too much. He only lets me have my favourites once a week; I want them every night." Did I mention naturally slender? Healthy slender, with curves.

Fair notsomuch.

I'm busy examining Warren's makeup application. Light, natural, nice emphasis on her green eyes with a little golden-bronze (otherwise known as copper) shadow and lots of mascara. Real, like she did it herself. "[Makeup artist] Sue Devitt is a friend of mine," she says. "I only wear her makeup. She makes the best foundation. It's really light, like a tinted moisturizer."

And then it comes out. "I like sleep," she blurts. How much sleep? "Like 10 hours, every night if I can," she admits. "I love sleeping. That's really my beauty secret. As much asleep as I can get. I can't wait to take a nap."

She's still under 30. And a winner in the good-genes pool. One substandard sleep-night isn't gonna hurt her. Sheesh.

Well, at least I can try that 10-hour sleep thing.