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Discomblogulated: please ditch the e.mail and go for the reader instead

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Yes, it's true, I'm about to advise valued beautygeeks e.mail subscribers to unsubscribe. And get this: I've unsubscribed as well. E.mail notifications are soooo slow! (I'm learning right along with everyone else new to blog subscriptions. Sheesh. And I can hear tech-savvy reader-subscribers having a giggle -- dudes, I'll say it again: I'm a beauty geek, not a computer geek!)

Instead, hit the "subscribe in a reader" line at the top of the right-hand column on the screen. Or, when you eventually get your subscriber e.mail, go to the second-last line, the one that reads, "Inbox too full? Subscribe to the feed version..." Then with just a click you can pop a feed reader into your bookmarks toolbar so that you'll receive notifications within minutes of a new please-read post.

And thank you so much for reading!