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F is for Fun Footwear. Or Freaky. Or Freakin' Heelarious.

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If you've left your sense of humour at the door with your footwear, go back and get it before you read this. Seems you're never too young to be glam. To the max. We're talking stilettos for tots (don't freak, they're just for fun).

A new pair of shoes is an instant pick-me-up. The right pair can make an outfit and, with just one unexpected compliment, make your day. And your favourite pair still fits after a medium bbq-chicken pizza, a six-pack of wings and a carton of ginger ice-cream (who, me?). No wonder so many of us have been obsessed with shoes for as long as we can remember.


Now, practically from birth, a whole new generation of shoe-addicts can blame Mom with just cause. Wee, soft crib shoes with itsy soft heels (just for show), Heelarious: Her first high heels come in one size that fits infants to six-month-olds. The brainchild of Britta Bacon and Hayden Porter, two U.S.-based women in their early 30s, the collection offers pink or black patent, pink satin, and zebra or leopard print, and retails for $39 CAN/$35 US per pair.

At those prices, if a pair were to "disappear" from the hallway at a playdate, having to replace them shouldn't cause a Sex and the City drama. Then again, you don't want to mess with a girl's favourite shoes.

Visit for retailers. And thanks to Wynne Huerta for sharing!