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Venus Embrace: Smooth Pins

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I'll never really freak about a bad haircut. My hair grows insanely quickly: two weeks and everything's better. But quick-grow hair isn't always a good thing.

I get 5 o'clock shadow.

On my legs.

No wonder my dating life sucks.

I wasn't clever enough to inherit no-arm-or-leg-hair genes from my Chinese mum. Oh no. Instead I take after my half-Portuguese/quarter-English/quarter-French dad. Sheesh.

I am clever enough, though, to make the Gillette Venus Embrace my new bff. That spring-loaded, five-blade razor delivers the smoothest shave ever. The blades are so close together that they feel like a single edge as the cartridge glides over the skin in a clean sweep. The finish is close, too: I actually get an extra couple of hours of lasting smoothness.

Think what that'll do for my dating! Think Clive-O is the jealous type?

$15.99, including shower pod and replacement cartridge; at drugstores and mass retailers.