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Just Geeking: So You Think You Can Dance & Triple Sensation

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Sometimes I am just going to geek out about something that has zip to do with beauty or style because whatever it is rocks that much. I have to marry Nigel Lythgoe. (Clearly, this is one of those times.)

I'm a bit addicted to "So You Think You Can Dance." The show is so much more about insane talent, drive and fearlessness than about egos, sensationalist drama and ridiculous on-screen personas. "So You Think" is good reality tv, inspiring. Down-to-earth talented judges celebrate each contestant's success, deliver compassionate, constructive criticism, and express real disappointment each time a contestant leaves. As for the contestants, once it's down to the final 20, there's no unbridled tabloid drama here. It's passion, commitment, fire and kicking fear's ass.

Last year's wee Canadian series "Triple Sensation" had me similarly enthralled. Complete with guileless participant monologues, the show followed a search for the best Canadian actor/singer/dancer. Those were impressive future Broadway stars, some as young as 16, evaluated by some seriously marquee Broadway names. So many talented Canadians! Season two is slated for this Fall. Until then, I'll be absorbed with "So You Think You Can Dance."

And in case you think you can dance, I hope you already know "So You Think You Can Dance Canada" is holding Toronto auditions this Sunday at the Convention Centre.

What's odd is I'm in no way a fan of "American Idol" or "Canadian Idol." No clue why. Just never liked either of them. But "SYTYCD" (sheesh) struck a heart chord from the first moment my friend Miriam had me watch an episode.

Plus insanely successful impresario and judge Nigel Lythgoeis very, very smart and kinda hot.

You know, what's not beautiful and stylin' about all that?

(Don't anyone tell Clive about this, just in case it doesn't work out with Nigel.)