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Olay Definity: A Complexion Pick-Me-Up

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Olay Definity Refining Lotion with UV Protection (SPF 15) makes my skin look happy. Anything that makes my skin look happy makes me happy.

I must confess to a few very late nights since hitting the office-free lifestyle. In part it's because I'm rather a night owl. And in part it's because I can -- tee hee! But late nights have an effect on this skin. It starts to make snide comments about my not being 20 any more. Sheesh.

Olay Definity Refining Lotion shuts my skin up in the nicest way: with compliments. Somehow the P&G Beauty folks have managed to produce a moisturizer with a light-reflecting finish that doesn't scream for the spotlight. My complexion looks healthy and radiant for no apparent reason. In fact it took me days to realize the lotion was responsible for the kind words coming my skin's way. Until I figured it out, I kept checking my mug out in the mirror, thinking, "Wow, I must be doing something especially right these days!" Duh.

Definity is the Olay line designed to reduce skin discolouration, such as age and sun spots. The key component is something P&G calls their Essential Glucosamine Complex, which inhibits melanin overproduction (the source of brown spots). I've been using just this lotion for a week or so, not long enough to see a difference in my freckles. My mum, though, used a cleanser, serum and moisturizer, and, two months in, her skin seemed luminous. I couldn't stop looking.

Well, whether or not mine are merely superficial results, my skin has made a new friend. If I'm lucky, it'll be true love. Like between Clive Owen and me. And Chiwetel Ejiofor and me.

Olay Definity Refining Lotion with UV Protection, 50 mL, $34.99, is available at drugstores and mass retailers. Oooh! Click here for free skincare samples.