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Sweetly Cheeky: Benefit Posietint

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There are ways to put the prettiest flush in your cheeks and there are ways to put the prettiest flush in your cheeks. I choose Benefit Posietint. It's that good.

Enough said if you're a Benetint fan. But if the term "cheek stain" makes you twitch or back away, would it help if I said the colour and texture would make you look younger?

Let's pause for a TIP: Cheek stain can sound scary, particularly if you have dry skin. "Work quickly," we're told. But you don't have to break the sound barrier to rub it in. "Work quickly" means apply and blend on one cheek, then apply and blend on the other. If your skin's dry, moisturize cheeks lightly before hitting the bottle.

Back to Posietint (12.5 mL, $35). First, it's a little pricey. But you use so little each time that it'll last forever. Second, the colour is a dream on the skin: a fresh pop of pink for almost any skintone. Even very-fair types might like to give this one a go. Third, a slightly milkier consistency than Benetint, it blends in smoothly and gives a sheer, baby-pink glow that doesn't look like makeup at all -- which of course takes years off. (At least I feel younger. And all aglow.) Fourth, it stays on all day. And fifth, a bit of Benetint on the lips makes them look charmingly bitten.

Actually, perhaps I was a mite sloppy in my research. I need to see who gives better, longer-lasting glow: Posietint or Clive Owen?

I love research!

Benefit Posietint is available at Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques, Sephora and select Bay stores.