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how to enhance the colour of your eyes with your eye makeup
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Actress Jessica Biel

A question often asked of makeup artists is "what colour should I wear on my eyes to make them stand out?" A common answer is "wherever your eye shade falls on the colour wheel, the opposite colour will enhance it."

What, don't have a colour wheel stashed in your purse? Amateur.

colour wheel

Brown eyes look sultry with green or blue, blue eyes look brighter with brown, and green eyes glow with purple or plum. Hazel eyes combine brown, blue and green; choose colours depending on the tone you'd like to emphasize. I actually love purple and coppery bronze for every eye colour. And heads up: pale eyes will look pretty with mid-tone shades; dark eyes will pop with richer tones.

almay and physicians formula

Almay and Physicians Formula make this spotlight-my-eyes thing easy, too. The Almay Intense i-Color Play Up collection offers four colour-enhancing trios of shadows in a work-friendly, subtle-sheen formula ($9.95), plus co-ordinating liquid liner and mascara ($9.95 each). Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips also come in four eye-colour specific palettes, each featuring nine shimmery shades divided into "natural", "playful" and "dramatic" trio options ($15.79).


1)My usual first answer to "what colour will make my eyes stand out" is "concealer." Seriously. A creamy concealer, such as M.A.C Select Moisturecover Concealer ($18.50) that matches your skintone hides shadows in the inner corners of the lids and circles under the eyes so your eye colour can become the focus.

2) If you're lash deficient, as I am, you want to add definition by making your lashes look thicker. Run a deep brown or black waterproof eyeliner along the inner rim of your upper lashes, at the underside of where the wee sparse hairs (so unfair) meet the lid. Try GOSH Velvet Touch waterproof eye pencil, $13, Lise Watier Waterproof Eyeliner, $16, or Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner, $9.95. Then use an angle brush to apply coloured shadow at the top side of where your lashes meet the lid.

3) For more eye-colour-specific makeup tips, check out Makeup for Your Eye Colour: Suggestions from Makeup-Pro Carmindy

Jessica Biel's eyes photo courtesy of Revlon. See the full effect of her eye makeup here.

Geek FYI: This post knocked on my brain at a birthday BBQ held recently for my new friend Julie Petendra. I spotted the most beautiful and unusual eyes I've ever seen -- Patty Cusik's eyes are an amazing citrus-green, and one day I'll get a photo of her so you can see them too. In fact, I saw more gorgeous light-colour eyes (shades ranging from pale blue to smoky green) at that one shindig than I've seen in some time. Patty, Tania, Tara, Connie, Mary and Debbie, your striking eyes made me very jealous.