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TRESemme Heat Tamer: Easy Straight-Hair Assistance and Defense

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TRESemme Heat Tamer

What's the point in going straight if a) it's hard to do, b) it's hard to maintain, c) you're left with sticky residue and d) you can't justify the related expense to your wallet?

Well, that's one four-part life question I can answer with TRESemme Heat Tamer, a protective spray that guards against heat-styling damage as it eases the straightening process. Yeah, baby, it's a multi-tasker.

When I straighten my thick, wavy hair, I usually have to soak my hair, blot excess moisture away, apply straightening cream and anti-damage serum, do a basic blowdry with my super-hot blow dryer and a paddle brush, smooth with a round boar-bristle brush and the dryer, then finish with a few passes of a pro flatiron. Whew! But TRESemme Heat Tamer spray cuts the first four steps to one: I can dampen my hair, add straightening product and protect from heat all in a generous misting. Post blowdry, for extra straight-styling help and heat protection, I can lightly spritz each section again just before I run it through the flatiron.

TRESemmé Heat Tamer

The result? All-day Katie Holmes sleekness that feels light and clean as though there isn't a lick of product in it. As for the wallet ouchie, there isn't one: 236 mL, $6.99.

I'll be going straight more often.

TRESemme Heat Tamer is available at drugstores and mass retailers.