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F is for Friday and other F-words. Like FAB.

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Look FAB hair station

I've decided Fridays should be for posts about things that start with F. Fun. Frivolous. Freaky. Fitness. Fashion. Fierce... well, you get the idea. Today it's about LookFab. Or free! if you wanna get persnickety.

If you live in downtown Toronto or are planning on trekking in over the weekend, stop in at 144 Bloor St. W and take a little a tour of the LookFab space. You'll meet four different beauty stations, each of which addresses specific beauty areas such as hair, face, cosmetics or body. Young, perky, pretty things will tell you all about shower gel, moisturizer, foundation and more; take no notice that they're in fact a bit young for some of the skincare products. What does it matter when you'll exit with a freebie-bag of stuff like Venus Divine shower gel, the new Venus Embrace razor (which rocks), and a Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara (the big orange one Drew Barrymore's all about; it also rocks) to try out at home? In fact it's a chance to see how it feels to be a beauty editor for a few minutes.

Get the feeling by 5:30 pm on Sunday, though -- that's the last day for the Toronto location. Calgary is the next stop, from May 22nd to June 5th.

And isn't persnickety a fantastic word? Even if it doesn't start with F?