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Just Geeking: I Love My H&M Brolly

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Rainy days make me loveH&M when I'm out and about, either in downtown T.O. or in NYC. No, not because they're an excuse to duck in for an impromptu shopping-and-trying-on session (I'll explain that trying-on bit another time), although that doesn't suck. I love H&M because I frequently forget to check the precip-probability bit of the forecast before I rush out of my apartment. When I'm caught without one of my 11 umbrellas (yes, it's true), H&M has cute, lightweight little brollies with personality for about $7.

The one I bought last week and forgot at home this morning is perky pink with white stripes (r white with perky pink stripes). I'm watching the sky today and hoping there's another fun colour in the bin on Bloor. And cuz I blogged about it, I'm gonna call it a business expense. I mentioned last week's acquisition too, so that's a biz expense as well. Hah!