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Reasons to Consider Chopping it Off

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Of course I don't think everyone should go cut off their hair this minute. Giselle Bundchen? No way, uh-uh. Celeb stylist Sam McKnight, responsible for Princess Diana's jaw-dropping Harper's Bazaar-cover hair as well as many of Giselle's cover looks, would weep. But some people should take the short cut. Maybe this checklist will help?

1) Your hair is nothing but long and you only ever wear it in a boring ponytail. C'mon, be honest.

2) Your hair is long and thin and straight -- and stringy. And you only ever wear it in a boring ponytail. The right shorter cut will add body and swing to thin, straight hair.

3) You're desperate for a style update. A shorter, modern cut that works with your hair texture is a style update for your face and your wardrobe.

4) You're 5'5" or less. A shorter chic style will make you look taller. Really.

5) You have misbehavin' hair. A good shorter cut that makes the most of your texture (like my cut does for me) will put you in charge, maybe for the very first time.

6) You have loads of split ends. Split ends travel up the hair shaft if left unchecked. Your hair will look much healthier and be much more manageable if you cut all your splits off.

Okay, now let's go see someone about a little snip-snip.