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Chop it OFF. Seriously.

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I'm a copycat. I admit it. Also, I'm a little slow....

Way back in October 2007, P&G Beauty PR manager Lisa Festa, 47, had her long hair chopped off for donation at the Pantene Beautiful Lengths kick-off in Toronto. Already a gorgeous woman, post-cut Lisa was unfairly more striking and modern in a just-below-chin-length, chic textured shag by Justin German, co-owner of Shagg Salon. In fact, that crop was a stadium-wave to the power of the right cut in making someone look (even) younger. I took note.

For months afterward, I had a half-hearted on-and-off relationship with the idea of chopping my hair. I'm no trendsetter. Then I wrote a piece for on two ways to style a bob, and, faced with images of Katie Holmes' chic look, suddenly keenly felt the lack of style in my hanging-there waves. A few weeks later, an inspiration image jumped out at me from the pages of a fashion magazine; minutes later I had a photocopy in hand and an appointment booked at The Howard Barr Studio in Toronto (Howard Barr is the Creative Consultant for John Frieda in Canada).


I love the new cut. The length makes my jawline seem more sculpted and my face slimmer, and a sweep of long bangs makes my eyes seem more striking. I'm told I look younger! And my neck -- a neck I've bemoaned as stumpy for most of my life -- suddenly my neck looks longer and nearly elegant. What a makeover!

This cut is also so easy to style. It's quick to straighten, to slick back, and of course wavy is a cinch. After years of reading and writing about how versatile short hair can be, I'm finally finding out that it really is.

Oh hey -- bonus? An insane amount of compliments! Nothing makes a girl feel better than double-takes followed by "omigod, I love it!" and "you look so great!" (Please God, let me test that nothing-is-better theory with the gift of Christian Louboutain shoes, maybe a Marc Jacobs bag.)

Know what else? This ’do actually makes my clothes look waaaay more chic, and I'm having more fun with my makeup. Who knew I could get so much out of a haircut?

Well, perhaps I should have known. *grin*