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The Sunday Sun

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I'm not a fan of suntanning. Not just because I'd rather buy a leather handbag than become one, but because my sensitive, burns-easily skin doesn't much like the feel of direct sunlight. Too hot. So I have a bit of added incentive to slather on SPF (it seems to lessen the feeling of the heat on my skin).

Of course I am a fan of looking younger than my years. Genetics play a part, but staying out of the sun does, too. I love the shady side of the street.

And I'm a fan of not developing melanoma. So is Marcia Cross, the milky-skinned star of "Desperate Housewives" and spokesperson for Skin Cancer Takes Friends, an Olay-sponsored national awareness campaign to educate on the subject of sun protection. Two of her family members had melanoma; you can read more on that on the site.

I figure learning our young-uns about SPF is the route to take. I've told my friends, Kata, 12, and Marissa, 13, to visit the site. Sure there's a pretty little bracelet bonus to be had if they send an e-card from to 10 of their friends, but they stand to learn something along the way, no?