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Celebrity Body: Harley Pasternak's 5-Factor Fitness

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I'm naming all my first-born children after Harley Pasternak.

Pasternak is a big-time celebrity trainer with clients such as Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Jessica Simpson and, according to an "e-Talk" clip (or was it "ET Canada?"), now Superbad's Jonah Hill. Training Halle Berry for Catwoman is what got him the first mega-spotlight; Oprah flipped the switch by telling Halle her trainer needed to write a book. Enter 5-Factor Fitness, which promises "5 weeks to a celebrity body by working out less and eating more." I read it on the beach when I was in Mexico for my friend Chantel's wedding.

I've been using the 5-Factor workout now since February 2005. Sometimes I fall off the fitness wagon for a bit -- I plateaued on the couch for six months until just this past February -- but the efficiency of the workout (built on the same principles trainer Tony Horton has now cleverly called "muscle confusion") keeps me coming back. And you know what? I don't have a celebrity body, but I do have a body I can celebrate, finally. It's stronger and a much better shape for the clothes I want to wear. My arms are firmly toned and I finally have a waist! (My former apple-body shape had me looking like Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum's younger sister. A propeller-beanie and high-waist striped pants... seriously.)

I don't have a recent "after" photo to show you -- the "after" photo in My Healthy Makeover is from last year. But Harley's coming to town (he's Canadian, you know) next Wednesday for a press thing; I'll get a new photo then. With pleasure.

It's June 2007 and I've got a new "after" photo popped into My Healthy Makeover. Just so you know. *grin*