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Hey, Good-Lookin'!

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This is a site about receiving compliments. "Omigod, you have the most gorgeous skin," or "I love your bag," or "awesome shoes" -- who doesn't love hearing stuff like that? It makes you smile, even makes your day, doesn't it? In fact, just having an opportunity to compliment someone else is a mood lift!

Superficial? Sure. But I've been saying for years (and celeb hairstylist Ted Gibsonbetter back me up here on account he's one of the people to whom I've said this): The first part of "superficial" is SUPER!, and damn if super isn't just a great, feel-good word.

So this blog is going to help you get compliments. Lots and lots of great compliments, on your skin, your complexion, your hair, your makeup, your style, your clothes and your accessories.

Practice saying "thank you" gracefully. It'll look good on you.