sally hansen miracle gel fired up collection

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel swatches... There's no easy way to do this. It's a massive amount of work and a massive amount of swatches but if I were me (luckily, I am), I'd want to be able to see them all in the same place. So here they are in all their 47 shades of glory! If you're looking for the review, I've put it over here in this Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review post. I'm hoping you don't go blind. If you do, sorry! And if you need the shades release after this, here's a handy link for the Miracle Gel 2016 Spring/Summer swatches.

If you reference this handy image, you'll see the Miracle Gel color collection name with the corresponding shades underneath. I've made it so the swatches are in that order inside the collection in that collection order. Easy, right?

miracle gel swatches: fired up metallics collection

sally hansen game of chromes

sally hansen too haute

sally hansen supercharge over blacky o. Surprise! I  made an awesome duochrome with Miracle Gel!

sally hansen miracle gel combustealable

sally hansen hunger flames

sally hansen miracle gel spice age

sally hansen miracle gel purplexed

sally hansen miracle gel swatches: mad mod collection

sally hansen miracle gel dig fig

sally hansen get mod

sally hansen blacky o

sally hansen miracle gel blacky o

sally hansen red eye

sally hansen miracle gel red eye

sally hansen wine stock

sally hansen twiggy

sally hansen mad women

miracle gel swatches: daily delights collection

sally hansen sugar fix

sally hansen malibu peach

sally hansen lemon heaven

sally hansen smartease

sally hansen tea party

sally hansen crème de la crème

miracle gel swatches: runway shock collection

sally hansen miracle gel electra-cute

sally hansen miracle gel shock wave

sally hansen miracle gel short cir-cute

sally hansen miracle gel redgy

sally hansen miracle gel hydro electric

sally hansen miracle gel style maker

sally hansen miracle gel tidal wave

miracle gel swatches: street pastels collection

sally hansen all chalked up

sally hansen b girl

sally hansen throwing shade

sally hansen greyfitti

sally hansen street flair

sally hansen camo queen

sally hansen grey matters

miracle gel swatches: love pinks collection

sally hansen pinky promise

sally hansen pink cadillacquer

sally hansen rosey riviter

sally hansen pinky rings

sally hansen pink up

sally hansen pink up shimmeryness in da bottle

sally hansen pretty piggy

sally hansen pink tank

miracle gel swatches: flawlessly nude collection

beautygeeks birthday suit

sally hansen miracle gel birthday suit  It's true - I'm missing a shade but I'm workin' on getting my mitts on it. Instead, please enjoy this old picture from like 1972 of all the beautygeeks in their birthday suits!

sally hansen tan-acious

sally hansen how nude

sally hansen bare dare

sally hansen truffle shuffle

So, did I do enough swatches to make you go blind? How many of these shades do you think you need? Oh! Oh! I almost forgot I should show you this too...

sally hansen magical miracle gel top coat

This is the Top Coat and it comes in this here black bottle with the white lid. You need it - it's the magic that makes all this long-wear happen. It's the business. It's the miracle part of the Miracle Gel.

For all the details and our review, we invite you to check out our Sally Hansen Miracle Gel review post. And check out the new Spring/Summer 2016 Swatchfest for Miracle Gel too. For lots more Sally Hansen info (that doesn't yet include Miracle Gel because it hasn't officially launched yet), head over to SallyHansen.com.

You know you can get all this stuff at Shoppers in Canada and from Amazon.com in the US, right? Yay!

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (she wonders how many of you found this post waaaay too long) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/imabeautygeek.com

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