Aveeno Eczema Care Hand Cream openerWhen was the last time you were insanely thankful for a new hand lotion? (Apparently that’s a tricky question to ask a guy.) Refocus: If you have eczema on your hands or severely dry skin, you’ll be happy about a new Aveeno Eczema Care Hand Cream. [geek on]


beautygeeks DIY balayage results 4_Diana KollAt media events, I have a habit of whipping out my camera to film particularly interesting demonstrations that sometimes occur. Most of them get posted as Beautygeeks how-to videos. One of the most successful so far is this super-easy DIY balayage demo from a seminar hosted by Clairol. The feedback on how the simple technique works has been wonderful! In fact, San Francisco Beautygeeks reader Diana Koll was so thrilled with her DIY balayage results that she sent us her photos! [geek on]


The Body Shop nail polish 2014Does anyone remember The Body Shop nail polish from a few years back? Either way, we expect this new collection of The Body Shop Colour Crush nail colour to make a splash when it launches this October.

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Scalloped mani_Leeanne Colley at Tips Nail Bar 2See? My scalloped white mani copied from inspired by pal-o-mine Katherine Flemming, health and beauty at Elle Canada magazine! [geek on]


philips pureradiance sonic facial cleansing systemFeels like facial-brush wars this Fall! A Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush and a Philips Pure Radiance Sonic Facial Cleansing System are going head-to-head with Clarisonic for space on your bathroom counter. And both are waving at your wallet with competitive price tags up to $150. Let’s see about the Philips Pure Radiance brush first. [geek on]

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eyelash curler cuts off woman's lashes_Stella USA curlerThis lash curler cut off a woman’s eyelashes. No joke. [geek on]


pink eyeliner_Shu Uemura drawing pencils and ready to wear pinks paletteI’m in love with a pink eyeliner. Yep, pink eyeliner. A creamy new Shu Uemura Drawing Pencil, this one is bold, waterproof, and, it seems, oily-lid-proof, too. And my wearing it is all Gucci Westman’s fault. [geek on]


Sally Hansen Color FoilsSally sent me some shiny summer 2014 limited edition Sally Hansen Color Foil and Insta-Dry ‘n stuff! Let’s go look! Mebbe you’ll see spots? [geek on]


Urban Decay Pulp Fiction_Uma Thurman_Pulp FictionI’ve never seen the film Pulp Fiction, although like most of us, I’ve seen enough images and references to understand it has pop-culture significance, particularly re: the resuccitation of John Travolta’s film career. ( Chanel Vamp did the same thing for nail polish much in the same noir-ish way; it’s the nail colour Uma Thurman wears in Pulp Fiction.) Urban Decay is certainly feeling the film-noir vibe; it’s all over the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction collection for Fall. Cigarette not included. [geek on]


how to wear bright eyeshadow_Revlon Rio Rush Exotic yellowFair to say that my back-of-the-cab approach to throwing my face on is limiting. For one thing, I rarely ever wear eyeshadow – it’s a step I skip in favour of speed. So when I fell for the Revlon Rio Rush eyeshadow quads this summer, I asked makeup-artist superstar (and Cameron Diaz BFF) Gucci Westman for advice on how to get into the bright shadow trend. (Fun fact: you know how Emma Stone is a Revlon celeb ambassador? It was Gucci who suggested her.) And because it’s the most unexpected, I focussed a bit on how to wear yellow eyeshadow.  [geek on]