pink eyeliner_Shu Uemura drawing pencils and ready to wear pinks paletteI’m in love with a pink eyeliner. Yep, pink eyeliner. A creamy new Shu Uemura Drawing Pencil, this one is bold, waterproof, and, it seems, oily-lid-proof, too. And my wearing it is all Gucci Westman’s fault. [geek on]


Sally Hansen Color FoilsSally sent me some shiny summer 2014 limited edition Sally Hansen Color Foil and Insta-Dry ‘n stuff! Let’s go look! Mebbe you’ll see spots? [geek on]


Urban Decay Pulp Fiction_Uma Thurman_Pulp FictionI’ve never seen the film Pulp Fiction, although like most of us, I’ve seen enough images and references to understand it has pop-culture significance, particularly re: the resuccitation of John Travolta’s film career. ( Chanel Vamp did the same thing for nail polish much in the same noir-ish way; it’s the nail colour Uma Thurman wears in Pulp Fiction.) Urban Decay is certainly feeling the film-noir vibe; it’s all over the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction collection for Fall. Cigarette not included. [geek on]


how to wear bright eyeshadow_Revlon Rio Rush Exotic yellowFair to say that my back-of-the-cab approach to throwing my face on is limiting. For one thing, I rarely ever wear eyeshadow – it’s a step I skip in favour of speed. So when I fell for the Revlon Rio Rush eyeshadow quads this summer, I asked makeup-artist superstar (and Cameron Diaz BFF) Gucci Westman for advice on how to get into the bright shadow trend. (Fun fact: you know how Emma Stone is a Revlon celeb ambassador? It was Gucci who suggested her.) And because it’s the most unexpected, I focussed a bit on how to wear yellow eyeshadow.  [geek on]


OPI Nordic Collection Swatches 2014The OPI Nordic Collection for Fall/Winter 2014 is just around the corner and I know you’ve been waiting patiently for swatches so let’s get to lookin’! [geek on]


personalized coke bottles_share a coke with KarenHumans are so funny — slap our initials or names on something, and we must have it. C’mon, confess: you’ve spent quality time in Anthropologie sorting through the alphabet mugs in search of your own initial (or someone else’s to give as a gift because you’re nice that way). Now Coca-Cola fans in Canada (and the US) can do the same thing with a bottle of pop. Personalized Coke labels is this summer’s buy-more-cola campaign from the soft-drink giant. And even if you can’t ever find your moniker on personalized merch, there is, absolutely, a Coke bottle with your name on it. Promise. [geek on]


How many Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment  tinted balms do you own? It’s possible I own all eight. #jobhazard Actually, no — I have all nine tinted balms. But I can’t tell you about the newest shade for another couple of weeks! So instead let’s talk about the new Fresh Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Lip Therapy. Your makeout buddy will thank you. [geek on]


DSW shoes canada_big box stores opening in august 2014This is a familiar scene to Canadians who indulge in the occasional cross-border shopping excursion. DSW shoes, the US discount shoe chain is opening big-box, warehouse-style locations next month in Ontario, in Mississauga and Newmarket. Don’t live anywhere near there? Don’t worry — you can shop DSW Shoes Canada online. [geek on]


YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush No 1 Fuchsia Desinvolte_Lipstick DiaryReally I should call this Lipstick Diary “what I wore that day, that day, that day, that day, and that day too. And all those other days.” Right now, this fantastic satin-matte lip colour is my very favouritest in the world, and it’s a time-saver too. Well, all my lip shades are time savers because I wear them on my cheeks as well as lips. But this is YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Fuschia Desinvolte (Nº 1), the shade I wanted most out of the whole gorgeous collection. (Thank you, YSL Fairy!) [geek on]


Meghan Trainor_All About That Bass_video snapHumans have the worst habit of letting self-loathing thoughts cycle endlessly in their heads. If you’ve ever struggled with your weight, for instance, you know what I mean. Well happy day, an antidote has arrived in the form of Nashville singer Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass. [geek on]