Inglot Toronto_via beautyandthebrowsCosmetics brand Inglot, founded 30 years ago in Poland by a cosmetic chemist named Wojciech Inglot, is celebrating the grand opening of its first second Toronto store on September 20th, 2014. Known for its build-your-own-palette Freedom system, expansive shade selection and its breathable O2M nail polish, Inglot has set up shop at 19 Dundas Square. [geek on]


MAC Rocky Horror Polishes Fall 2014MAC Cosmetics is celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with a whole collection of beautiful things that also includes two stunning polishes. Guess what part I’ma show you today! C’mon! Guess! [geek on]


John Travolta hair black and hair with greyOne of the most aging things an older man can do to himself is dye his grey(ing) hair too dark — facial hair, too. Immediately John Travolta springs to mind, right? That he was just at TIFF sporting improbable boot-black hair and beard makes it easy to think of him first. Plus, this isn’t a new thing to say about Travolta’s hair. I just feel the need to talk about it now because I saw The Forger at TIFF last week, and his grey-streaked movie hair looked so much better. [geek on]


Estee Lauder Dream Pink_Estee Pure Color Longlasting Lipstick in Dream PinkLimited-edition lip shades are a tad frustrating if you fall in love with them, aren’t they? How many times have you become so obsessed with a colour that you’ve used it all up and there isn’t a replacement to buy? GAH. The only solution is to buy a back-up as soon as you realize you can’t live without the one you love. Estee Lauder Pure Color Longlasting Lipstick in Dream Pink may well be one of those shades. [geek on]


TIFF media lounge_Tarte Amazonian Clay powder blushIf, for any random reason, you might have wondered what a media lounge is, I can tell you. It’s a tucked-away room at an event venue, and it’s usually quipped with electrical outlets, a table or two, maybe even some laptops secured to said table, and some chairs, maybe a couch. Probably there’s coffee, water, perhaps soft drinks. It’s a room set up so journalists covering the event have a place to recharge iPhones, check emails between guest-of-honour interviews, then sit, write fast and file a story, asap. TIFF media lounges are a bit different. Okay, a lot different. Lemme show you. [geek on]


essie-winter-2014-shadesHey Essie fans, the Essie Winter 2014 nail polish lineup is due out next month! Sneak peeks at the collection, called Essie Jiggle Hi/Jiggle Low, are just starting to hit online so you can pin images to your Pinterest “October Wants” board. [geek on]


LOreal Paris Professionel Wild Stylers Next Day Hair post_French Girl Hair_Lea Seydoux_colourApparently the reason fashionable Parisians have piecey, undone hair is that they wash with mineral-heavy tap water that never rinses completely away. For the rest of us, there is L’Oreal Professionel Wild Stylers Next Day Hair. [geek on]


Avon Polish Fall 2014Avon polish makes me happy. Every once in a while it lands in my lap and it always brings a smile. They pump lots of dough into their R&D so you just know that whatever trend they’re following, they’re gonna do it right. They haven’t disappointed me yet. Wanna see? [geek on]


"The Imitation Game" Premiere - Red Carpet - 2014 Toronto International Film FestivalOoh, graphic liner! Keira Knightley never seems to mess up on the red carpet, does she? She changes her makeup up all the time (she kills a smoky eye look) and her wardrobe is flawless. Well, it’s Chanel; Keira Knightley is the face of Coco Mademoiselle. Let’s copy her makeup from yesterday’s premiere of The Imitation Game at TIFF 2014. [geek on]


"Cake" Premiere - 2014 Toronto International Film FestivalJennifer Aniston has a signature red-carpet makeup look: vibrant, healthy glow. She never looks overdone. She always looks like Jennifer Aniston. And I love it. It’s a look anyone can wear anywhere, any day and everyday, and in my opinion never gets boring because it isn’t about the makeup. It’s about making the woman wearing it look. so. alive. “Look at me, not my makeup.” And it’s particularly apt for Jennifer’s TIFF 2014 red carpet appearance because in her movie Cake, which debuted yesterday, the actress wears no makeup at all. [geek on]