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Budget Beauty_Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick_in number 06Two things are tighter at the start of every year: pants and wallets. Can’t help you with your pants (heck, even my knee-high boots are tighter — gah!), but we can help make your wallet feel better with some smart budget beauty buys that smooth your complexion, condition your hair, soften your skin, and turn up the wattage on your smile. For instance, the lipstick I’m wearing in the above photo is just $7.99. Here’s more from my Canada AM segment this morning. [geek on]


beautiful skinWhen BT Toronto’s Frank Ferragine mentioned that we’re officially hitting Fall this weekend, did anyone else pull a face like a four-year-old? Anyone else besides me? On camera? [geek on]


SOS summer skincare_Danielle by Taylor McCutchan_verticalBug bites, sunburn, oil-slick face, re-applying sunscreen over makeup — this season comes with certain skin challenges. I dropped by BT Toronto to share some SOS summer skincare tips with Melanie Ng (here’s the segment clip).

Warning: this list is really long — I had a few days to think about this and came up with what looks like 573 remedies (there are 23, and clearly I think oily skin is a big beauty SOS summer skincare issue for many of us). We have lots of ways to treat a variety of summer-related skin annoyances, via DIY remedy or medicated potion. Choose the one that appeals to you first, obvi. If one doesn’t work for you (not everything works for everyone — another obvi), try another. Some of them I like so much that I’ve written about them before; I’ve linked to the related posts. [geek on]


Kate_Moss_St Tropez

I’m so glad you couldn’t see my legs in the BT Toronto safe-bronze segment I did this week. I committed the biggest self-bronzing sin. And in other news, it’s high time I chopped off my hair.  [geek on]


Got a gadget beautygeek on your holiday shop-for list? On Canada AM this morning, host Beverly Thomson and I considered some of these top-to-toe gift suggestions for shiny hair, great complexion, smooth skin and soft, happy feet. [geek on]


Yep, another winning red-carpet smile, this time courtesy of Canadian actress Malin Akerman at the Creative Arts Emmys. Anyway, I popped by Canada AM yesterday morning to chat with host Beverly Thomson about at-home teeth-whitening products that really work. In the clip below, we discuss peroxide facts and the best options for getting a whiter smile whether you’re a first-timer, a repeat whitener (maybe with an addiction), or looking for brightening solutions for sensitive teeth. [geek on]


Dazzling white teeth are usually the most popular accessories at any celebrity event. Heidi Klum’s red-carpet smile at the Emmys is a great example. (Sure, there are a few yellowed exceptions, but only a few.) If whiter teeth are on your wish list, there are teeth whitening facts you need to know before you get started so you don’t waste your cash. [geek on]

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How do you apply your eye shadow? If you’re doing that medium shade on the lid + darker shade in the crease + light shade on the browbone thing, you may want to reconsider. That paint-by-numbers approach can look dated and add years to your face. Instead, you want to try a technique [geek on]


After “orange!” the thing most of us think of when we hear “self-tanner” is “stinky.” But nowadays it’s not the self-tanner itself that smells funny [geek on]


Sunscreen manufacturers know that most of us have issues with sunscreen, whether we can’t stand the texture, can’t be bothered with the extra step, or just forget to reapply. So they’re trying really hard to make products we want to use. As a result, now there’s a plethora of we-hope-you-like-it suncare from which to choose. Oily skin? There’s a sunscreen you’ll like. Dry skin? There’s a sunscreen you like. Love spa products? There’s a sunscreen you’ll like. Hate sunscreen but love makeup? There’s a sunscreen for you, too. [geek on]