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Christie Brinkley 60 People MagazineChristie Brinkley is 60. Christie Brinkley is 60 and wearing a bathing suit on the cover of this week’s People Magazine. And some of her is fake (find out what after the jump). But WOW. [geek on]


Britney-Spears_brown-hair_Oscars-afterparty-Elton-John-2013We applaud a celeb who goes against the usual blondifying groove by going brunette. But [geek on]


For her role in a new Terrence Malik movie, Natalie Portman went from her usual brunette to blonde just a couple of days ago via colourist Tracey Cunningham. It’s not the first time she’s gone blonde for work, and she’s not afraid of a drastic cut when necessary either. Not that she has any reason to be afraid. [geek on]


Can we talk about Lady Gaga’s nails? Okay, maybe later.

Perhaps you’ve heard: Lady Gaga launched Fame, her black eau de parfum, at Macy’s Herald Square in New York City on September 14th. The night before, she hosted a lavish masquerade party (it included an on-site tattoo session) at the Guggenheim Museum that evening. Here, check out the event photos (Gaga’s shoes! Nails! Lindsay Lohan! Stam!) and Gaga interview videos: [geek on]


I don’t care that it’s not quite Friday. I’ma be early on my “Fridays: F is For…” post before the Boss notices it’s up. ’Cuz today I want to know: who else has noticed something that looks like a fart bubble [geek on]


So the Boss is finally letting me do another Beautygeeks post; apparently she’s got some other projects that need her attention and the rest of our crew, Liza Herz and Cranky Beauty Pants, is already working on something. “We’ll be just fine without you,” I told her, just to watch her squirm. #mybossisacontrolfreak [geek on]

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Does your office computer screen face a wall? Oh who cares. Everyone’s watching David Beckham’s Bodywear for H&M Superbowl Ad. On mute [geek on]


I’d just like to point out that I’m doing more this week than fixing drinks while the Boss is away. #chronicallyunderappreciated

In other news, [geek on]


The Boss doesn’t usually talk about wedding shows, but who cares? Today I will, because I think Toronto’s newest, the Wedluxe Wedding Show at the swanky new Ritz-Carlton Hotel, is a good one to hit for two reasons: [geek on]


Wait. When Harrods has a winter/Boxing-Day sale, they have international music stars perform as part of a swanky opening ceremony? Has that being going on long? Why haven’t I moved to where Harrods is? [geek on]