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bathroom with a garden view_croppedBefore I get to this DIY Epsom salt soak, I should confess that I’ve always had terrible luck with DIY beauty treatments. Sure, I put coconut oil on my hair overnight once a week (a towel over the pillowcase is critical here), but a moisture mask of mashed up bananas felt stupid – like putting baby food on my face. And The Great Homemade Sugar Scrub Experiment was a dismal failure, resulting in an oily mixing bowl and a dangerously slippery bathtub. [geek on]


Amal Moroccan Black Soap with eucalyptusWrite this down now: Amal Moroccan Black Soap. I’ll tell you why. We all joke about what utter babies men become when they’re sick — remember the Man-Cold? But when I’m sick, I become a Beautygeek baby. I want cups of tea and foreign editions of Vogue, followed by a hot shower with beautiful soap, and then sleep in a bed dressed in freshly laundered linens (that’s linen, not cotton).

The last thing I want to do is leave the house. [geek on]


Tom Cruise fillerI’m worn out from the flu, so I took a break from work and spent the afternoon watching trailers on YouTube. Here’s Tom Cruise in a screen cap from the trailer for Edge of Tomorrow. He’s lying on a gurney, shot from above. All the Tom Cruise filler proof anyone needs, the shot also illustrates how cheek filler is like breast implants. [geek on]


Calyx_Clinique CalyxReuniting with a perfume you loved years ago can be as disappointing as running into a high school crush. “I can’t believe I liked you. I thought you were cool?” How nerve-wracking then, to learn that Calyx, my late ’80s true fragrance love, is coming back into stores after a prolonged absence. Oh God, what if my taste then had sucked? What if I’d been tacky? [geek on]


Maye MuskWe spooked reader Victoria with our smoothing-serum recommendations for silver hair. Don’t all of these products make grey hair yellow? she wondered. They are all yellow in colour.

Great question, Victoria, and very Beautygeek-ish of you. Welcome to the clan; you’re one of us. And rather than reply with a one-word answer, we have to say, well, it’s rather complicated. [geek on]


Louis Vuitton Keepall_vintageIt’s embarrassing walking into a hip hotel with a suitcase plastered in Hello Kitty stickers, looking like I’ve inadvertently grabbed some poor kid’s bag instead of my own. But I have a really valid reason, not just a passion for cartoon felines. [geek on]


Interior designers love to say “doorknobs are jewelry for your house.” Beautygeeks believe “dish liquid is perfume for your sink.” [geek on]


There are two kinds of women in the world: girls who grew up dreaming of their wedding dress and the ones who imagined the day they’d wear a velvet gown to an embassy ball.

For those of us who wanted the ball gown, the dresses in Thierry Mugler’s Angel ads were a revelation. Futuristic, intergalactic goddess-wear, designed by the seriously off-the-rails fantasist himself (with the exception of a gown Eva Mendes once wore), they are beautiful, revealing and for the most part, totally unwearable in the real world. [geek on]


Sometimes you have to be bad. Especially when your boss tells you to be bad. [geek on]


We’ll never look like Canadian supermodel Jenna Earle (those eyes! those cheekbones!) but we now have the secret to her dewy glow. [geek on]