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LOreal Paris Professionel Wild Stylers Next Day Hair post_French Girl Hair_Lea Seydoux_colourApparently the reason fashionable Parisians have piecey, undone hair is that they wash with mineral-heavy tap water that never rinses completely away. For the rest of us, there is L’Oreal Professionel Wild Stylers Next Day Hair. [geek on]


French pharmacy 2.0 city pharma parisFrench pharmacies are the beauty holy grail. Tourists make the pilgrimage to the most famous, CityPharma at 26 rue du Four in Paris, as routinely as going to the Eiffel Tower. Jam-packed every day of the year, and literally insane on weekends, it’s where supermodels like Karlie Kloss and makeup artists like Lisa Eldridge buy their double packs of Bioderma Créaline makeup remover and tubes of Homéoplasmine salve. You’ve probably seen those self-same staples mentioned on virtually every “French Pharmacy best of” list. This isn’t that list. This is the next step up, French Pharmacy 2.0 – and a few refreshment tips besides. [geek on]


bathroom with a garden view_croppedBefore I get to this DIY Epsom salt soak, I should confess that I’ve always had terrible luck with DIY beauty treatments. Sure, I put coconut oil on my hair overnight once a week (a towel over the pillowcase is critical here), but a moisture mask of mashed up bananas felt stupid – like putting baby food on my face. And The Great Homemade Sugar Scrub Experiment was a dismal failure, resulting in an oily mixing bowl and a dangerously slippery bathtub. [geek on]


Amal Moroccan Black Soap with eucalyptusWrite this down now: Amal Moroccan Black Soap. I’ll tell you why. We all joke about what utter babies men become when they’re sick — remember the Man-Cold? But when I’m sick, I become a Beautygeek baby. I want cups of tea and foreign editions of Vogue, followed by a hot shower with beautiful soap, and then sleep in a bed dressed in freshly laundered linens (that’s linen, not cotton).

The last thing I want to do is leave the house. [geek on]


Tom Cruise fillerI’m worn out from the flu, so I took a break from work and spent the afternoon watching trailers on YouTube. Here’s Tom Cruise in a screen cap from the trailer for Edge of Tomorrow. He’s lying on a gurney, shot from above. All the Tom Cruise filler proof anyone needs, the shot also illustrates how cheek filler is like breast implants. [geek on]


Calyx_Clinique CalyxReuniting with a perfume you loved years ago can be as disappointing as running into a high school crush. “I can’t believe I liked you. I thought you were cool?” How nerve-wracking then, to learn that Calyx, my late ’80s true fragrance love, is coming back into stores after a prolonged absence. Oh God, what if my taste then had sucked? What if I’d been tacky? [geek on]


Maye MuskWe spooked reader Victoria with our smoothing-serum recommendations for silver hair. Don’t all of these products make grey hair yellow? she wondered. They are all yellow in colour.

Great question, Victoria, and very Beautygeek-ish of you. Welcome to the clan; you’re one of us. And rather than reply with a one-word answer, we have to say, well, it’s rather complicated. [geek on]


Louis Vuitton Keepall_vintageIt’s embarrassing walking into a hip hotel with a suitcase plastered in Hello Kitty stickers, looking like I’ve inadvertently grabbed some poor kid’s bag instead of my own. But I have a really valid reason, not just a passion for cartoon felines. [geek on]


Interior designers love to say “doorknobs are jewelry for your house.” Beautygeeks believe “dish liquid is perfume for your sink.” [geek on]


There are two kinds of women in the world: girls who grew up dreaming of their wedding dress and the ones who imagined the day they’d wear a velvet gown to an embassy ball.

For those of us who wanted the ball gown, the dresses in Thierry Mugler’s Angel ads were a revelation. Futuristic, intergalactic goddess-wear, designed by the seriously off-the-rails fantasist himself (with the exception of a gown Eva Mendes once wore), they are beautiful, revealing and for the most part, totally unwearable in the real world. [geek on]