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Pixi H2O Skintint tinted face gel No 1 CreamI’m filing the H2O SkinTint Tinted Face Gel under “what took me so long to try this??” Yep, two question marks. Actually, I know what took me so long. Good reasons, I thought.  [geek on]


Lise Watier Rose Tendresse Lipstick plus Sparkle of Hope Gloss swatchedThis is about that time I wore frosted pink lipstick with sparkly lip gloss. Frosted. Pink. Lipstick. With Sparkly. Lip. Gloss. Why did I risk looking like a 1980s-Barbie wanna-be? I wore frosted pink lipstick and sparkly lip gloss because it’s Lise Watier Rose Tendresse Lipstick and Lise Watier Sparkle of Hope Gloss, and together they’ve raised $1,000,000 for “the autonomy of women.” And then I rediscovered something important. [geek on]


Benefit Bathina Body Mist_hair and body mistThe pin-up-pretty side of the Benefit family is welcoming an addition next month in the form of a new Benefit Bathina Body Mist. [geek on]


Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow_eyeshadow individual pansMakeup artists love high-pigment everything because it makes their work faster and easier. A swipe or two is all they need for big-impact beauty, and a bit of clever blending delivers a sheer finish when they need it. The 30th Anniversary re-launch of Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow is about giving artists more of what they want: high-payoff pigment, plus creamy powder textures and a range of innovative finishes. But what about you? Is more pigment something you want in your eyeshadow? [geek on]


Body Shop Lip & Cheek Doll_holiday 2014Say hello to The Body Shop’s newest home-run holiday limited-edition: The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Dolly. Apologies for teasing you with festive funstuff so far in advance, but this is so freaking cute! I Instagrammed this shot earlier, and then thought I’d better post here, too, for all the beautygeeks who don’t have an Instagram account. This Lip & Cheek Dolly is too adorable to miss when it comes out on November 3rd. [geek on]


Highlight and contour and avoid looking like a bearded lady_Alex_after_

Conchita Wurst may have put bearded-lady beauty in the spotlight with her Eurovision 2014 win, but it hasn’t really caught on in the mainstream arena. Well, not that she was out to start a trend. Yet, there’s a chance, lovelies, that with one mistake, some of us have left the house with a bronzer beard. Thankfully, as is the way in cosmetic arts, there’s a solution. Whether you’re new to defining your bone structure or reasonably comfortable with shaping your face with makeup, there’s something for you in the video demo below. With model Alex as his canvas, makeup pro and “CityLine” expert Dino Dilio shows us how to highlight and contour, and how to avoid a bearded lady look. [geek on]


Chanel Holiday 2014_Collection Plumes Precieuses de ChanelAugtober, Augvember… bah. A little holiday makeup cheer isn’t so out of place, then is it? So let’s have a peek at the Chanel holiday 2014 Collection Plumes Precieuses de Chanel, due at the beginning of November. [geek on]


MAC Brooke Shields portrait-2014Ack! Beautygeeks, I’ve been meaning to show you the Brooke Shields for MAC Cosmetics collection I Instagrammed a little while back! Lemme rectify that right now. Plus, I’m curious about what you think about this particular collaboration. If you had a list of “Celebrities Who Will Do a Collection with MAC,” would Brooke Shields have been on it? [geek on]


Miss Manga Mascara review_short lashes_before and afterJust a before-the-weekend reminder to our Canadian beautygeeks that we’re giving away some great L’Oreal Paris Miss Manga Mascara prizes in just a few days! Enter now if you haven’t already! [geek on]


BuzzHuneedew-AlejandroSantiago_close-up croppedHappy Friday, Beautygeeks! Something totally fun today, lovelies. It’s a bit of a departure from our usual fare — I’m geeking out over this makeup on 19-year-old performance artist Buzz Huneedew. In particular I totally dig the eye makeup (that eyeliner and those lashes!), and want to know more about that full-coverage foundation. I’m no expert in drag beauty, but something about this look is different from most of what I’ve seen. Plus it turns out Ms Huneedew, who lives in Toronto, is a beautygeek herself, inspired by the talent of noted makeup artists Pat McGrath and Illamasqua’s Alex Box. And she’s totally willing to share some of her makeup tricks with us. [geek on]