another smushed lemming!!!!!!
Karen Falcon
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another smushed lemming!!!!!!
OPI Jasper Jade Rocky Mountain Collection 1996_2

opi jasper jade from the rocky mountain collection 1996

OPI Jasper Jade was a BLOPI (black label OPI) I needed badly. It's from the 1996 Rocky Mountain Collection and as of about 30 minutes ago, it's now a happy, happy, happy part of The Archives. Lookit this swatch! Who in their OPI-lovin' mind wouldn't want this?

OPI Jasper Jade 1996 Rocky Mountains Collection

opi jasper jade from the rocky mountain collection 1996

Where'd I find it? In a tiny little place near my house. How much did I pay for it? $7.00. Yeeehaw!!!!! $7 CAD vs $35+ USD on eBay. I'm still doing happy dances over here! Would I pay $35 for it? Hellz no. $7? You betcha!

There was a bottle of OPI What's Dune too. $7 for What's Dune? Unheard of!! I'm thinkin' I should go back 'n gettit even though I already have one. What would YOU do?

Manicure and photographs by Karen Falcon (lemming slayer)