Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Cloudscreen: Yup, Sunscreen for Cloudy Days

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Sometimes marketing enrages me. For instance, alphabet marketing -- bb, cc, dd, ee -- wins a gold star in causing the most-ever consumer confusion when it comes to tinted moisturizer. But occasionally marketing can actually simplify, or turn up the volume on a message that is otherwise consistently missed. Exhibit A: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Cloudscreen, sunscreen for cloudy days.

neutrogena ultra sheer cloudscreen spf for cloudy days

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Cloudscreen is regular ol' Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunscreen. Yes, the same stuff the UV-averse among us (*points to self*) wear daily, rain or shine.

For years dermatologists and beauty editors have been telling people to wear SPF even on cloudy days. Aging UVA rays are adept at penetrating through clouds (and glass), and UVB is quite capable of delivering a stinging stealth burn in overcast conditions. You know this because you read health and beauty stories; it's an annual directive. But many others miss the message and think they can skip SPF on no-sunshine days.

Neutrogena Cloudscreen sunscreen

With Neutrogena Cloudscreen, the "wear sunscreen on overcast days" message is front-and-centre, where consumers can't miss it. And I dig it.

You know how the sunscreen labelled "for kids" is the same stuff adults use? Same concept.

But... Neutrogena Cloudscreen doesn't seem to be more than a promotional, limited-edition, limited-distribution product, at least not just yet. Turns out it was a project suggested by the brand in Singapore and fleshed out in conjuction with their PR agency in Singapore and Brussells. The campaign included this little video:

What do you think? Does Neutrogena Cloudscreen = smart marketing with an unmissable message? Or does it just scream "buy more sunscreen"?