How to Smooth Bumps Out of Your Hair for a Sleeker Ponytail: Video Tip

by Janine on 30 April 2014 · 1 comment

Beyonce low ponytail grammy awards 2013Your hair’s in a pretty ponytail, you’ve got one foot out the door, and your mirror shows you something’s off. Gah! You’ve got a couple of annoying bumpy, lumpy, loopy bits sticking up from the hair against your head. And you don’t have time to take out the ponytail and brush your hair all over again. S’ok — Beyonce’s stylist wouldn’t have started over again either. Instead a quick hairdressing tip would’ve come into play. Here’s a quick video tip on how to smooth bumps out of your hair for a sleeker ponytail.

how to smooth bumps out of your hair

how to smooth bumps out of your hair_Gwyneth Paltrow low ponytailLumpy bumps and loops in my hair when I put it in a bun or a ponytail used to drive me nuts. And they sometimes happen even when I’ve brushed my hair as I put it up. They don’t bug me so much now, though, thanks to a trick my friend Alexis Jardin showed me years ago.

how to smooth bumps out of your hair_paul hanlon sport inspired ponytails for versusAll you need is a tail comb, and one little trick. And it’s helpful even for more casual, artfully messy ponytails like these.

This quick video shows how to smooth bumps out of your hair for a sleeker ponytail. I shot it backstage at the Sarah Richardson for Target Canada preview (here’s the gorgeous spring smoky eye how-to) as Garnier hairstylist Nina Farrauto was doing model Delphine’s hair.

Easy, right? Not a new trick, but one that might come in handy sometime, like when Gwyneth’s hair stylist isn’t available.

Have you ever used a tail comb to smooth bumps out of your hair like this?

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