Warming Station: Bliss Hot Salt Scrub

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Bliss Hot Salt Scrub_rosemary_eucalyptus_BEAUTYGEEKS

The Pollyanna side of my personality told someone today that thanks to our frigid weather, we're all in cryogenic stasis. Come Spring, Canadians will look younger than everyone else because we're not aging until we thaw. So maybe we want to avoid tub-time with some Bliss Hot Salt Scrub.

The Bliss Hot Salt Scrub ($44 at sephora.ca and $38 at sephora.com) is a self-heating concoction of dead sea salt, glycerin, kelp and algae extracts, and rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils. Massaging a liberal amount over dry skin - pre-shower - results in a warming sensation that either takes the edge off a winter morning or banishes the chill after an icy trek from the bus stop. Tips: give the scrub a thorough stir before using it, and turn on the shower to warm the stall before you get in to buff your skin.

Bliss Hot Salt Scrub_rosemary and eucalyptus_BEAUTYGEEKS

One session with the Bliss Hot Salt Scrub delivers the smoothest skin ever. For a divine night, follow with your favourite body oil and cosiest PJs. Your steamy, post-shower bathroom will be a bit of deep-breathing heaven, too. (I went back into my bathroom to get something and just stood there for a buncha minutes enjoying the rosemary + eucalyptus aftermath.)

Guess I'll be aging this winter after all. You?