Dior Spring 2014 Nails: Dior Vernis Trianon Edition Swatched and Compared

by Karen Falcon on 30 December 2013 · 13 comments

Dior Spring 2014 nails_Dior Vernis Trianon EditionSometimes I wish we didn’t have to talk about polish. Sometimes I wish we could just look at all the pretty colours and make super-intelligent noises like Ooooh and Aaaah. We can’t do that though – we have to talk about what I adore and what I don’t adore. I do, anyway. Now for Dior Spring 2014 nails, aka Dior Vernis Trianon Edition, a Frosted Finish named Perlé, and a bunch of comparison swatches (aka dupes) from other brands.

dior spring 2014: dior vernis trianon edition

Comprised of four bottles, the spring 2014 Dior Vernis Trianon Edition is about seasonal floral hues with a limited edition side of what Dior is calling a new pearl-frost effect, or sugared almond.

Dior Bouquet 457_Dior Spring 2014 nails Trianon editionDior Vernis Trianon Edition: Dior Bouquet 457 ($26 at Hudson’s Bay, Holt Renfrew, sephora.ca, select Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques) It’s peachy! While I’m not a particularly huge fan of peach shades because they tend to wash out the colour of my skin, I have to say this one is quite lovely in a 1985 kind of way. It really does remind me of so many other things like…

Dior Bouquet Comparison SwatchesDior Bouquet 457 comparison swatches, aka dupes.

Dior Bloom 777_Dior Spring 2014 nails Trianon editionDior Vernis Trianon Edition: Dior Bloom 777 ($26 at Hudson’s Bay, Holt Renfrew, sephora.ca, select Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques) Okay, I’ma make those super-intelligent noises now. Oooh! Aaaah! This vibrant fuchsia pink is one of the handful of shades I gravitate towards without fail. It borders on hot pink and I know I have more than one shade just like it but hey, why not add another one to the collection?

Dior Bloom Comparison SwatchesDior Bloom 777 comparison swatches, aka dupes
1. OPI Gwen Stefani – Hey Baby
2. OPI – I’m Indi-A Mood for Love
3. NARS – Union Libre
4. Nicole by OPI – Spring Break
5. Dior Vernis – Bloom 777

Dior Bloom 777 with Perle 187_Dior Spring 2014 nails Trianon editionDior Bloom 777 with Perlé 187 ($26 each at Hudson’s Bay, Holt Renfrew, sephora.ca, select Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques) And now, let’s look at the Dior Vernis Trianon Edition 187 Perlé Frosted Effect Nail Polish. That’s one coat of the stuff over top of two coats of Bloom and here’s what it does: Perlé adds a satiny matte finish with iridescent pearly pink micro-shimmer. It drops the level of shine, cuts the vibrancy of whatever you’ve used as a basecoat, and still somehow elevates your polish to new levels of awesomeness. Sugared almond, maybe? It adds a whole new dimension that’s really sumthin’. I like it so so much.

Dior Porcelaine 204_Dior Spring 2014 nails_TrianonDior Vernis Trianon Edition: Dior Porcelaine 204 ($26 at Hudson’s Bay, Holt Renfrew, sephora.ca, select Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques) Then there’s this. It’s spring in a bottle. If there’s one shade of cornflower blue I think you might really need, it’s this one. And maybe…

Dior Porcelain 204 with Perle 187_Dior Spring 2014 nails_Trianon editionDior Porcelaine 204 with Perlé 187 I don’t have to say anything here, right? I’m never taking this off.

dior vernis brush critique

Dior Vernis BrushesLastly, a word about the brushes. Grrr. That’s my word. Okay, I got more words – inflexible, uneven, and tricky to use if you’re a polish pusher/shover like I am.

Other than that, I’m pretty sure I’m on board for three of four of these beautiful polishes. I’m going to pass on the Bouquet because I’m not a peach-lover, but the rest? Gimmie all of that!

The Dior Spring 2014 collection, Dior Trianon, should be on counter by mid-January.

Manis, comparisons ’n photos by Karen Falcon (she has a fondness for gooseneck lamps) ©2013 BEAUTYGEEKS/imabeautygeek.com.

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Simona 30 December 2013 at 6:48 am

Wow! Special thanks to the comparison swatches, aka dupes) I have Essence and Nars, so I definetely will leave Bouquet and Bloom this time. Porcelaine reminds me of Chanel Riva, so maybe there is still hope for better application!


Janine 30 December 2013 at 10:55 am

That Frosted Effect Nail Polish 187 Perle stuff is so pretty! And Bloom — such a happy, punchy pink. Love. As for the dupes: geek, you rock.


Lou 30 December 2013 at 12:32 pm

Love the look of the Perle effect, its just stunning!


Karen Mani-Geek 30 December 2013 at 12:43 pm

Lou, I think Perle is my new favourite thing. I might need a second bottle. Or maybe third! I’m putting it on EVERYTHING!


karen 30 December 2013 at 3:58 pm

Agreed, that Perlé is gorgeous! And the comparison swatches are very helpful, would love to see more of those in the future.


Karen Mani-Geek 31 December 2013 at 12:19 pm

Hiya Karen!

I’m glad to be of service! The comparison swatches are tricky ’cause in order to do ‘em, I have to have massive amounts of polish in all different shades and brands hanging around here. I haven’t been playing polish for an online audience for even a year yet and before that, I was a vicious culler. Vicious and heartless. So, while I have a lot of polish, I still don’t have a lot of polish.

I’ve seen how much people appreciate knowing they can get similar or better stuff so by necessity, I’ve become a polish hoarder. Slowly but surely, the bottles are taking over and comparison swatches will most likely become more frequent. If I have dupes or comparable shades lying around, I’ll dig ‘em and you’ll see ‘em.

It’s always nice to know you can find a $26 shade for $2. That’s probably my favourite part of all of this! Yay for saving you $20 so you can buy more polish!


Tania 9 January 2014 at 11:09 am

Not usually a fan of blue…..
But that Blue is purttttyyyyy


Caitlyn 31 January 2014 at 8:10 am

I just saw your pix of the blue Dior “Porcelaine” and how you loved the pinkish sugar topcoat over it … and I thought I had seen something similar a while ago, but a bit more vibrant. I searched for it and happily found it – it’s Nfu.Oh 53. It’s a medium blue sheer polish with pinkish iridescent flakes in it. Scrangie has some swatches of this.
I don’t know if you allow for URLs here, but if you google “Nfu.Oh 53″ you will certainly find the swatches. Maybe you’ll like that one, too :)


Karen Mani-Geek 31 January 2014 at 6:20 pm

Hey, Caitlyn!
Those are pretty neat! I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of that brand before – I know for sure I’ve never seen it where I normally shop. It’s looks to be a blue polish with flakies in it. I DO love a blue polish! The Nfu also reminds me a lot of the Essie Luxeffects Shine of the Times which was pretty much a clear coat with those golden flakies in it so you get that same sort of reflective thing happening no matter what shade you put it over.

Thanks for showing me – now I need another polish…


Talkerblogger 30 June 2014 at 10:09 am

Should have bought the porcelaine when I saw r in sephora and now it’s not available there anymore …


Talkerblogger 30 June 2014 at 10:10 am

Would you please see if there is a possible dupe for the Dior porcelaine??


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