Beauty PSA: Why Doesn’t Your Salon Offer Soak-Off Gel Pedicures?

by Janine on 6 August 2013 · 1 comment

CND fluorescent UV gel lamp_Gelish soak-off gel_for soak-off gel pedicures.jpgI once encountered a salon in Montreal that did not offer soak-off gel pedicures although Shellac and OPI GelColor manicures were on the menu. The staff didn’t know how to facilitate the gel curing on toes. Fast-forward more than a year… and apparently there are still Shellac-friendly salons that don’t offer soak-off gel pedicures (aka Shellac* pedicures). Why is that?

Some will say it’s because soak-off gel pedicures are expensive. Maybe so in the summer when you can slip out of the salon in flip flops before your polish dries, but come winter-boots time, time is money. Show me a client who has time to sit around and wait for her polished toes to dry, and I’ll show you a client who has never known the joy of jumping right into her socks and boots seconds after her gel pedi is over.

If know-how is the reason your salon doesn’t have Shellac pedicures on the menu, ignorance ends here. The only thing a soak-off-gel-savvy technician needs to know is that hell-yeah, the UV gel lamp that cures the colour on your fingertips can be used to cure the colour on your toes.

OPI LED UV lamp_soak-off gel pedicures.jpgThe OPI LED UV lamp is genius for soak-off gel pedicures. It has no base, so your technician can just put it over your toes as per the image above, to cure LED-sensitive gel. (Yep, that’s my left foot.)

CND fluorescent UV lamp_hand rest removed_for soak-off gel pedicures.jpgBut if your salon has only CND fluorescent UV lamps… guess what? You, too, can enjoy soak-off gel pedicures! The plate upon which your hand rests inside the lamp comes out. See the above image. Underneath that plate is a mirrorred surface onto which clients can simply slide their toes.

As for removal, the foil method with pure acetone works as well on toes as it does on fingers. Bonus: you’ll still be able to text and email etc. on your phone while you’re soaking off.

Done and done.

You’re welcome.

*Like “Kleenex,” the word “Shellac” is often used to refer to an entire product category. A “Shellac” pedicure usually means any soak-off gel pedi done with Shellac, OPI GelColor, Artistic Colour Gloss, Gelish, Entity, etcetera.

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K Falcon 7 August 2013 at 7:56 am

I have a teeny, tiny lamp at home – like the OPI lamp, it has no base but it’s probably 1/3rd the size. I’ve used it for my toes – it’s not like you have to jam your whole foot in there. The worst part about the whole job was absolutely the removal – my toes are far away. I won’t EVER do a DIY soak-off pedicure again, I’ll go see the professionals.


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