Hot Stone: Emma Stone on the Best Thing She Gets from Her Makeup Artist + What Terrifies Her Enough to Say “Yes”

by Janine on 18 February 2013 · 8 comments

'The Croods' Premiere - 63rd Berlinale International Film FestivalWatch out, magazine editors — Emma Stone (#girlcrush) kinda wants your job. The actress, who charmed grammar geeks around the world when she confessed her love of copyediting and grammar to an Aussie newspaper, told Beautygeeks that she’d jump at the chance to edit. She also chatted about her red-carpet routine and the best thing she gets from her makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin.

Is it strange to you that we’re so interested in what makeup and clothing you wear on the red carpet — and that you have this Revlon makeup contract?
I think that it’s a lot of hype <laughs>. For the most part I think my involvement with Revlon is about individuality, and beauty not being necessarily looking like a supermodel. It’s more looking like yourself, and enhancing what features you do like on yourself, personality being part of any beauty — the biggest facet of it. That’s what I appreciate.

It’s fun to play around with hair and makeup and clothes and all that, but the person remains the same. It’s me wearing all that — my insides don’t transform and that’s where I feel the best.

Emma Stone_Rachel Goodwin makeup_Mara Roszak hairWhat’s the red-carpet-day prep process like for you?
It’s pretty fun because I’ve been working with the same hairstylist [Mara Roszak, above], makeup artist [Rachel Goodwin, above] and stylist [Petra Flannery] the entire time I’ve had to go to something with a red carpet. I email [Mara and Rachel] what I’m wearing, and we try to figure out [hair and makeup] together on the day. I tell them what I’d like and they just do what they want.<laughs>

Do you do anything special yourself to prep?
I just wash my hair and show up with it wet. It’s pretty much like any other day.

How long does the process take?
It takes about two hours — well, it would really take an hour and half, but we’re catching up and laughing.

'The Croods' Premiere - 63rd Berlinale International Film FestivalHow did you first connect with makeup artist Rachel Goodwin? What’s the best beauty tip you’ve picked up from her so far?
When I was 17 and doing the Superbad junket — which was my first-ever press junket — my publicist, Holly, suggested Rachel. And we’ve been together every since.

She’s very into eyebrows, skincare — and confidence. The best thing that Rachel does is give me pep talks when I’m feeling less than my full-flowering self. She knows me so well… her idea of beauty is so in line with mine. She encourages me to believe in myself and my uniqueness, uniqueness being the greatest part of everybody’s thing. She makes me feel beautiful.

Emma Stone behind the scenes_Revlon Nearly Naked foundationLet’s talk about Revlon’s Nearly Naked foundation ($12.95 at drugstores). You wear it?
Yes, I have now that they’ve sent it to me — that’s one of the perks of this gig, it’s kinda like beauty editors, you get free stuff, which I’m super into — and it’s very cool. It has SPF* built in and it’s pretty sheer, which I  like, to even out the ol’ complexion.

Revlon Nearly Naked foundation and powder_no SPF claim in CanadaMakeup is a pick-me up for many women — is it for you?
I really enjoy makeup, I always have, it makes me feel good. I’m not saying that I always need to wear it, but it’s fun to play around with, to try new things.

Emma Stone_behind the scenes_Revlon Nearly Naked makeup campaignGrammar-geeks everywhere fell in love with you when you told an Australian journalist you loved grammar and editing. If someone asked you to guest-edit something, would you?
Oh God, that would be incredible. No one’s ever offered it, but if they did I would be terrified enough to say yes!

* * * * *

*Note: SPF does not appear on the Canadian packaging nor is it part of the product-benefit claims in Canada.

Red carpet photos from the Berlin premiere of The Croods borrowed from; Intstagram of Emma Stone, Rachel Goodwin and Mara Roszak, via @rachel_goodwin; behind-the-scenes and product images courtesy of Revlon. Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation and Nearly Naked Pressed Powder, $12.95 each at drugstores. Read the related story in the latest print edition of The Kit.

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Christina 18 February 2013 at 9:24 pm

I love that pink lipstick she’s wearing. Is that a Revlon colour? And the fact that she’s not wearing it with a ton of eye makeup.


Janine 18 February 2013 at 9:35 pm

I love it as well, and also that her eye makeup is minimal (she has such lovely big eyes, too). Am waiting to find out re: lip! Someone asked Rachel Goodwin via Instagram, but she hasn’t answered. I tried a different avenue… will let you know as soon as I hear!


Gaëlle 19 February 2013 at 4:58 am

Oh my, Emma Stone is so great! I think she has an exquisite personality and it’s nice to read interviews from young level-headed and intelligent women. I like how she is not just a face for Revlon but seems really interested in understanding makeup and skincare.

I liked her makeup look for the Berlin film festival, but I must say I didn’t care for her hair and really disliked her outfit. It was a miss among the otherwise amazing outfits she has worn in the past.


Janine 19 February 2013 at 9:56 am

Hi Gaëlle!

I love her combination of brainy humour, engaging personality, talent and unique beauty. I’ve said so often before that I want to be Emma Stone. I’ll say it again now (I want to be Emma Stone!), and undoubtedly many more times in the coming years.

I actually love this look on her, even that frosted pink lip. Adore the dress, too! But we don’t have to agree on her hair or outfit — we agree that she’s great! (Corny, I know, but I’m such a fan!)


Gaëlle 19 February 2013 at 2:44 pm

You know, I sometimes want to be her, too… :-)


Leslie McClister 19 February 2013 at 9:05 pm

Love Emma Stone… one of the few celebs I have a major girl crush on.
It’s funny because my lip color today looks exactly like hers (MAC CANDY YUM YUM).. maybe Ill upload a pic of it. Enjoying your blog :) (


Christina 20 February 2013 at 7:56 am

I don’t know Mac Candy. It’s as intense? Aren’t MAC lipsticks sometimes dry?


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