Big Picture: Chris Noth, Biotherm Homme

Chris Noth is the face of Biotherm Homme in North America
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Chris Noth is the face of Biotherm Homme in North America

Staff is suffering from an attack of raging jealousy. If you haven't heard, Big actor Chris Noth of Sex and The City and "The Good Wife" is the new face of Biotherm Homme in North America. I met him last week to chat about his association with the skincare brand as well as his approach and attitude to face care. Check tomorrow's Metro News for the story and a round-up of look-better-stuffs-for-guys, including a couple of Noth's favourites.

In the meantime, feel free to gaze longingly at this photo. Honestly, while I respect his work, I wasn't a swoony, Chris-Noth-super-fan type before meeting him. But in person, his skin looks a-mazing -- he wore no makeup for our talk. In fact, when we were introduced I blurted, "You look fantastic!" like I didn't expect it (oops). He didn't take it badly, and happily was comfortable with my taking a buddy photo post chat. In the very first snap, I got this. I don't really care about my dorky hair or foolish grin because that sexy twinkle in Noth's eye is killing me. (Just for you, the image has larger-than-usual dimensions -- click on it once, then again when the screen changes to get the Big picture.) And yes -- maybe you caught my tweets last week -- this photo is my new desktop image.

I can't even type any more. *swoon*

Biotherm Homme is available at drugstores and via