Noxzema Reviews: BeautyGeeks Readers on Noxzema Original Deep Cleansing Cream

by Janine on 2 July 2009 · 49 comments

For me, Noxzema Original Deep Cleansing Cream has a nostalgic pull — it was one of the first cleansers my mum bought for me when I was a teen in need of a beauty regimen for my oily skin. A clear mental recall of its distinct scent, texture and cooling sensation on skin comes rushing back at the mere mention of the brand; using it again has been a kind of bathroom time travel.

Plus, on mornings when my skin feels like someone saran-wrapped it when I was dreaming of Ryan Reynolds, the Noxzema tingle gets right through that oil and wakes up my complexion.

I’m not the only one who has a strong way-back association with the cleanser. Childhood memories of Noxzema use for various reasons cropped up in the original post’s comments, and one reader e.mailed me to say she’s been using Noxzema as her cleanser for more than 30 years (yes, she was awfully young when she started).

BeautyGeeks asked Canadian subscribers, male and female, to try Noxzema Original Deep Cleansing Cream and provide their feedback on its texture, its scent, how it feels on their skin, how well it cleanses and how it makes their skin feel after use. You’ll find their reviews in the comments below, posted over the next several days as each reader is ready to weigh in. Thanks so much, everyone!

Noxzema skincare is available at drugstores and mass retailers as well as at (free shipping in Canada; no minimum order).

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Kiesha Petridis 2 July 2009 at 8:41 am

When I first opened the jar it was like traveling back in time to my early teens. The intense signature smell and the feel of the cold cream (cold as in temperature) on your hands and face are somehow very comforting. Unfortunately that’s where the love affair ends. I’m a 30-something female with pretty decent skin (I still get carded at the liquor store!!!)

I knew from the first time I cracked open the jar and put the cold cream on my face that this was going to be a tragic ending to an old flame. The Noxzema left my skin feeling not quite clean. I felt there was still a film of make-up left on my skin. It also left my pesky T-Zone feeling extra oily and I broke out on my chin. Now I have the village people taking up residence on my face and I’m devastated!!!

The Noxzema did a reasonably decent job of taking off most of my eye make-up but not so much on the foundation. I did love the tingly feeling though. That alone was very refreshing even if the follow-through was weak.

Unfortunately this love affair is now over. I won’t be taking this trip down memory lane again.


Anita S. 2 July 2009 at 10:05 am

Rediscovering Noxzema every few years is like taking a trip back to my childhood. Everything from the blue tub to the “drugstore” scent to the way the white substance puckers when I scoop it out is very much the same as I remember it. Noxzema makes me think of summer and sunburns! We used to use this stuff all the time after a day in the sun.

I still love the coolness on my skin and the way it makes stubborn eye makeup vanish without a trace. I’ve been back on Noxzema for less than a week and have to say it’s not what I would consider an every day cleanser. It seems to leave a residue on my skin that I eventually feel compelled to wash away with a different cleanser.

That being said, I am most certainly the type to rotate ALL of my personal care products, constantly throwing new products into my regime while revisiting old standards. Noxzema is one of these old standards. At under 10 bucks, this product is definitely affordable and effective. In fact, it’s worth the nostalgia alone!

Anita S.
36 years


Melissa 2 July 2009 at 12:36 pm

I’ve recently returned to Noxzema after a few years of switching between other products. I came back to this tried-and-true cleanser because it actually soothes my sensitive and oily skin, without drying it out. The redness and irritation I developed from using other prodcuts has completely disappeared. And I love the scent; it definitely helps wake me up when I drag myself half asleep into the shower!


Sasha Delgado 2 July 2009 at 1:23 pm

I’ve used the noxzema cleanser for about 2 weeks. I immediately liked the familiar minty fresh scent and feel. I did feel I had some break-outs the first week but by the second week it had all cleared up. It seems to clean my face sufficiently well and certainly feels moisturizing, so good value for the money. However, I don’t like it enough to switch from my regular cleanser with exfoliant.


Janice 2 July 2009 at 2:22 pm

Oh Noxzema. I now remember why I left the blue jar behind with my awkward, geeky 14-year-old self. It was the potent smell of eucalyptus which caused me to switch and become a regular user of fragrance free cleansers as an adult. Very overpowering and distracting.

As a cleanser, Noxzema does an OK job. I found it removed my foundation well but not my eye makeup. The menthol sensation and cold cream texture was pleasing and my face (with the exception of my eye area) felt and looked clean and moisturized after use. But it was only after using eye makeup remover that I was completely satisfied.

Also, it may just be me, but I’m slightly weirded out with ‘scooping out’ my cleanser. It seems a bit unhygienic.

After nearly two weeks of use, I don’t see much of a change in my skin condition for better or for worse. Even with the $10 price tag, I’m still going to give Noxzema a ‘pass’. While I may have used it everyday as a teenager, it’s definitely not for me anymore.

Age 28


Janine Falcon 2 July 2009 at 2:28 pm

I’m seeing a trend here: lots of folks using the Noxzema to remove makeup. Interesting.

I always use makeup remover to take off all makeup before cleansing. Doesn’t matter what brand or price-point I use — and I’ve tried a lot — I find I get the best clean-skin results when I’m not asking my cleanser to take makeup off too. (I’d rather do things in gentle stages, with a gentle remover and a gentle cleanser, to avoid irritation.) And given that Noxzema has that distinct tingly effect, I’d not be using it to remove eye makeup — I’m just saying :-)


rasilla 2 July 2009 at 10:11 pm

Noxzema is a smell one can NEVER forget (kinda like J&J baby lotion, or Vick’s Cream for colds :P). Unfortunately for me its a scent I’d rather not think about, it tend to be very powerful for my sensitive nose.

But that being said, I did have a somewhat memorable experience.

Many others before me have already mentioned that it felt like it left a film/residue on the face after the wash, and I have to agree with them. Though its not uncomfortable for me, it IS noticeable. Though in my case, I found that it helped to retain moisture, and prevent my face from drying out (so it wasn’t too harsh) and because of that, I felt that I didn’t need to use a moisturizer afterwards. (When I did use one, I was super oily in the morning).

Just as Janine stated above, one SHOULD use a makeup remover before cleansing, but lazy individuals like me just can’t be bothered to do it (tis sad really). So I wash, as I normally do, with my makeup on. I personally found, that as I massaged it into my skin (with a tiny bit of water as it tends to dry out/absorb into the skin) that it was a time to relax, and the massage did help me to remove my daily makeup (mineral foundation, gel eyeliner, brow, masacara, shadow). I had to do minor cleaning for the eyes cause of the gel liner, but found that it took care of most of it. (So if you are lazy like me, a true shame, it kinda works~ lol)

I have had it for a week now, and I think that I wouldn’t mind using it for the evenings, and stick to my regular face wash for the mornings (it seems to disagree slightly with my foundation in the mornings cause of the filmy part :T). Though in the end I think it depends on how much mileage I get from tub.

As a side note, I think it’s cool that though you scoop out the Noxzema from the tub in a somewhat solid state, it quickly ‘melts’ in your hands, ready for use.

– Female in her mid 20s


Penny 3 July 2009 at 3:01 pm

The smell of Noxzema brings me straight back to my high school days. I’ve always liked the smell, but this time around it seemed more chemically than I remember. The scent is really strong and it’s very noticeable. I have to admit; I started using it only at night because the smell would linger too long during the workday. As a late twenties female working in a office I didn’t want to give off a face wash smell to my coworkers.

I’ve never been a fan of face washes (creams, lip balm etc.) that comes in a jar. I like a pump because it seems cleaner. When washing my face I dislike putting my hand into a jar because there is always water left in the jar regardless of how hard I to try not to. So I end up always shaking it out afterward.

The face wash itself was pretty good. It left that clean tingle feeling and my skin looking nice. My face felt more moisturized than other similar products. The price point is pretty good – can’t complain for $10. Although, if I left the face wash for 1 minute it would leave my face rather red. It could be me, but normally I don’t have that problem.

Overall, good to try but I don’t see myself making the switch from my other brands.


Susan 5 July 2009 at 10:03 am

I was also one of the lucky Noxzema testers and I must say I don’t have the nostalgic associations other testers had. I assume this is due to the fact that I never really used Noxzema in my youth. I was a very heavy acne sufferer from the ripe age of 9 and thus used harsher products (perhaps not the brightest way of combating the zits, but that’s the method my mother subscribed to and who was I to argue?)

I had bad acne until early this year (at the age of 20) when I finally caved and started taking Accutane. Since the treatment ended, my skin has never looked better and I’ve developed a routine I treat like a religion. When the opportunity came to try out Noxzema, I was hesitant thinking it would screw up my skin but I opted to do it anyway.

The smell and texture of the product were different to what I typically use (in the gel, soft smelling categories). The peppermint scent was very uplifting and the smooth cream was a nice texture. The process of washing my face with the product was enjoyable and refreshing, as was the tingling feeling leftover. What I didn’t find as pleasant was the filmy feeling I was left with. I hate feeling like I have stuff on my face, and I felt like I had to rinse a lot to get the stuff off. My skin, did however, feel more moisturized.

I felt a little grossed out by the fact that I was scooping the product out of the tub. I’m a germaphobe supreme when it comes to my skin care routine, so sticking my (possibly) grubby fingers all up in that stuff was rubbing me the wrong way.

Then a zit came a week into the switch. And I flipped out. I am horrified of my acne coming back (PTSD, maybe? :P) so I panicked when the little bugger came in for a visit, I won’t lie. I continued to use the product for another 2 days and stopped after that because I couldn’t take the switch anymore.

Noxzema seemed to be a great “in the moment” product for me, but not good enough for a switch. I’m happy to say I’ve got my 3 staple face washes back on rotation and that my skin’s recovered. Give me any other products to try, but please leave my face out of it ;)


Janine 5 July 2009 at 5:00 pm

Gutsy of you to try something new to your skin so soon after your Accutane treatment — props to you, girl. I don’t think I would have been that brave, no matter what the offered product!

Germaphobe tip: use a cotton swab to take cream from the jar to your fingertips for application. If you ever find yourself with face care in a jar again, of course. :-)


Katie 6 July 2009 at 8:45 am

I’m a wee bit embarrassed to admit this, but I never used Noxzema as a teen (in all fairness I’m only 22 now), so I wasn’t to sure what I was getting myself into. When I first saw the jar, my initial thought was that these were left over from 20+ years ago. When I first used it, I was surprised at how hard the cream was…you really had to dig to get a substantial amount. Smell aside, the cream does have a great tingly feeling but I did find that my eyes were fairly sensitive to it.

I felt that it could have lathered up a bit more, and that to get decent coverage I had to scoop out quite a bit of the cream. I also was surprised at the ‘film’ that was left on my skin and hands (sort of like throwing water on oil), which at first was off putting but quickly became out of sight and out of mind.

I did notice that my skin was clear after using the product, but I cannot be sure if I can contribute this to the cream or that it’s the summer.

Would I buy this product? For under $10 bucks, hmmm maybe, but nothing about this product ‘wowed’ me.


Marie Nicola 6 July 2009 at 9:21 am

As soon as the package arrived, I dashed upstairs to test the cream. I’ve been using a complete Dermalogica routine for the past 3 weeks and I was interested in seeing if the Noxzema results were comparable. What I wasn’t prepared for was discovering the world of difference between a $8 cleanser and a $30 cleanser.

As soon as I opened the jar, the formidable scent of eucalyptus and menthol waft from the coagulated white cold cream – I was a pre-teen again trying to decide if this was a product I wanted to put on my face or lube my bike with.

I never liked the smell and I forgot about how badly it makes me want to gag. I assume that in 1914 if the product smelled as wretched as their medicine, it was assuredly concocted to calm acne, moisturize and sooth delicate skin.

I managed to scoop a generous amount of the offending substance with my fingers. The consistency is smooth, slightly gelatinous and the heat from my hands seems to slightly melt the product enough to smooth in a rich odoriferous lather directly on my dry skin. Noxzema can be used with or without water, and it was the “without water” that intrigued me the most.

Without water Noxzena is a smooth cream that emulsified on my skin without argument. There was no tingling sensation as the product proudly promised but it did feel slightly greasy.

I heard somewhere that Noxzema performs the best if the product is left on the skin for a few moments. So I left it on for about 3 minutes, which was the longest I could go without the scent really bothering me. The entire experiment is confirms that I am an under performing sado maschist. Any mild form of self inflicted suffering is a foolish exercise that only proves my great disdain for the effort and the exercise.

Rinsed and released, I remove the cream from my face with great haste. A filmy feeling remains, which is expected as the product claims to leave your face feeling moisterized and soft. I’m assuming that being left with skin that felt tacky to the touch was what they were describing.

To my great surprise, my normally sensitive skin did not break out. I fully expected it to. It calmed some redness associated with irritation and gave a temporary suppleness to my skin I rarely have seen in years.

The product does not perform well as a part of the classic 3-step skin program. It was made as a one step wonder that fulfills each step (cleanse, tone, moisturize) with 30% effectiveness. Overall, it isn’t bad.

I removed my makeup pretty efficiently, and I have already committed this product as my, “I’m too lazy to actually wash my face tonight, but I don’t want a pre-moistened face cloth, so I’ll use Noxzema instead.”

But, when faced with that choice, I will spend the extra 15 minutes and turn to my Dermalogica, instead.

I also tried Noxzema as a zit repellent for the occasional hormonal break out. Instead of a spot of toothpaste on the zit overnight, I tried Nozema. It calmed it down a little, I would say it was about 50%

I just don’t like the smell and I don’t like the greasy film. I am quick to say that I do NOT recommended Noxzema’s Deep Cleansing Cream for folks with oily skin.

I do recommend it for people on a tight budget, that don’t have fussy skin and are looking for a cheap, reliably performing product. If you have dry skin, this could be the product for you. That filmy feeling that’s left behind will give fullness and protection to your delicate skin and would be especially ideal in the harsh climate of the winter.

Well that’s my thoughts on the cream in the little blue bottle with the consistency of face bleach and an aroma less desirable.


Raffi 6 July 2009 at 10:24 am

I’ve been using Noxzema for about 2 weeks now as well and have noticed that I did break out initially. I also noticed that it left my skin feeling oily.

The smell is very refreshing and has cooling effect on the skin, great for the mornings. I didn’t like the texture all that much as it would have been nicer if it was a bit creamier. It felt crumbly when I would apply it.

As a guy, I don’t think I would buy this product as I don’t have much of a need. But I did think that it worked well.


Matt 6 July 2009 at 8:51 pm

As a teenage, I never used Noxzema (I had always associated as a ‘girl’ product) so when I first tried it, I really had no idea what to expect.

On first use, I actually like Noxzema’s eucalyptus scent and was surprised how strong it was. The consistency of the Noxzema kind of surprised me a bit too, a combination between a lotion and powder, it was a bit difficult to pick up and use without making a mess (but hey, that’s probably just me..).

Overall I found that it did a good job cleaning my skin and there definitely was a tingling that could be felt when mixed with water. I did find that there was a slight film on my skin after I had washed my face but it was definitely smoother and refreshed.

I even tried it as a shaving cream and when mixed with enough water, created a nice lather that didn’t leave any redness or razor burn.

Overall I think Noxzema is pretty decent but I probably wouldn’t buy it. There are other products on the market that are better suited to people’s skin that even though slightly more expense, are able to achieve better results. Now that I’ve used the product, it makes sense that its associated with teenagers because its cheap, has decent results and can be found anywhere, but for anyone with money, you’re probably better off to keep looking.


Angele 7 July 2009 at 1:21 am

WOW! What a trip down memory lane :) I must confess, I’m a Noxzema Girl at heart. Growing up with extremely dry skin, I followed into my mother’s footsteps and used the cleansing cream religiously for years.

Even now, at the ripe young age of 28, I still like Noxzema better than other cleansers. I don’t wear much makeup (mascara and eyebrow liner, maybe some lipstick) and I find it refreshingly cool on my face. I never need to apply moisturizer after using Noxzema, and that’s saying a lot. The smell is amazing too.

As a side note – I tend to get acne in my hairline (but the rest of my face is very dry) and I’ve tried the Noxzema pads – If you don’t like the smell the acne products, but LOOOOVE the smell of Noxzema, its perfect; they also have an exfoliating scrub that works wonderfully.

It looks like I’m a Noxzema Girl for life :P Maybe I’ll get noticed lol. Seriously thought – Great stuff. I loved it!


Adrienne 7 July 2009 at 12:21 pm

I was never dedicated to Noxzema as a teenager, although I wasn’t the kind of girl who was attached to any particular cleansing product — I still regularly try new products and use what works for a while, then try something different again.

After using Noxzema for 2 weeks, I now remember why it never stood out to me over any other product. While my skin certainly feels clean after using it, it also feels extremely dry.

The first time I opened the container, the medicinal smell of eucalyptus surprised me. I found it quite strong, but have since adjusted to it. Now I’ll probably associate that scent with “clean!”

What I haven’t adjusted to, however, is the texture. It’s somewhere between a creamy cleanser and an exfoliating scrub — both of which I would prefer to this harder, chunky cream, because I felt I had to soften it up a lot before applying it to my face. And, like Katie, I felt I had to use quite a bit to get even coverage.

Noxzema “deep cleansing cream” definitely lives up to its name, but I think it really is suited for somewhat oily skin. If I had constant breakouts, I’d probably try it out long-term, especially for the price.


Devin 10 July 2009 at 9:53 pm

I used Noxzema for almost three weeks straight. At first, I loved the scent (still do), and my skin felt REALLY clean and tingly afterwards. I noticed very few breakouts for the first two weeks. About the middle of the second week, I started to notice that the cleanser became less effective. My face didn’t feel as clean at the end, and I noticed that it started to get greasy during the day time. I usually have very dry skin, so that was weird for me.

I would use Noxzema for the price, but I would also have to include an astringent after the Noxzema, and a face scrub in the shower for the ideal routine!


marina 15 July 2009 at 2:41 pm

Mmmm the scent has a strong association to my childhood, Noxzema being a familar bathroom fixture as a child. Reading the post — wow wee, how many of us have reminisced along the same lines.
As I used the product for the two week period, nothing beats the scent and amazong texture along with the tingle. My skin was fine though I felt like there was a little residue almost waxy like left behind, but maybe that is the product doing its job. I just love the tingle effect and I also used it on my hands. They were so glowy afterwards that I will purchase our dear childhood friend Noxzena, again. I guess we just forget our old buddies as the years pass. It is definitely worth the under $10 price


Lynda 16 July 2009 at 8:22 am

This scent of the cleanser has a medical flavour it in, the one that makes you feel like it will definitely do no harm to your face. Once it touches water it becomes a smooth cream and like most cream cleanser, it does not bubble much when you apply but feels very gentle. After you rinse it leaves a creamy feeling on your skin which is not my personal favourite.

After a week of using my skin felt quite good but I don’t think it’s deep-cleansing enough for the more oily skin as my nose didn’t feel quite so clean.

Overall I think it is a very gentle, effective cleanser for light uses and is worth an under $10 purchase.


Meaghan 17 July 2009 at 5:30 pm

The scent of Noxzema was interesting when I first opened the bottle. I was surprised that it smelled so strong, and I got worried that it would have the same overwhelming affect on my skin.

After using it a couple of times, I found that Noxzema is actually a very soothing cream that opens up and cleans pores quickly. I have a couple of scars from previous break-outs, however Noxzema seems to have cleared them up.

I wouldn’t recommened using Noxzema every day twice a day if you have sensitive skin. I started using it every other day and it was enough.

Overall I think Noxzema would be well worth under $10, as it is an effective moisturizing cleanser and has left my skin feeling soft and clean.


Dave 21 July 2009 at 7:44 am

I’d consider my skin pretty oily – I’m an active guy, so whenever I play sports, it gets worse, too.

This Noxzema product is actually pretty perfect for me. It smells a bit harsh the first time you open the bottle, but that’s what my skin needs: a good deep clean to get all the crap out!

I used it twice a day most days, although in winter when my skin is a bit drier, I might only need to use it once, unless I’ve been working out. My skin felt great after, not dried out but thoroughly clean.

For under $10, I think Noxzema is a great deal. I’ll definitely consider getting more when mine runs out!


Behzad 27 July 2009 at 6:23 pm

By reputation alone I was expecting an almost-medicinal, no-nonsense facial cleanser. While its packaging (stout with little fanfare) and smell fit the bill, the refreshing and lasting moisturizing effect were surprising to say the least. The cream seemed brittle to the touch at first and doesn’t offer the usual foaming action of my previous cleanser, but with a little water it is easily applied. I was taken by the immediate cooling sensation, effectively doubling as a wake-up call in the AM. Most unexpected however has to be the relative lack of dryness or “tight skin syndrome” I usually encounter with most cleansers, let alone those with the potency Noxzema boasts. I expected this stint with Noxzema to be short lived. Two weeks into the product, however, and I’m pretty sure I’ll continue to use the whole batch. Whether or not I’ll go shopping for another one, I honesty can’t say – I still miss that foaming action.


Neil 4 August 2009 at 6:04 pm

Let me start by explaining my standard routine: I use soap in the shower and a face wash maybe twice a week, that is it. This routine works for me; overdoing it often causes more problems than anything.

I started to use the product, twice a day as prescribed and quickly found out that it wasn’t for me. I found the scent to be overpowering, not only when using it but throughout the day. My skin also broke out shortly after I started using it but I continued for a week with no improvement. After that week I decided that this wasn’t working and reverted back to my tried and true, and things cleared up very quickly. I found my skin wasn’t as dry as normal, much oilier. I’m not sure why my skin broke out, it could be that I’m not using a moisturizer or whatever else is to be used afterward, but it wasn’t working.

I don’t see myself using it again.


Lara 4 August 2009 at 8:05 pm

The smell of Noxema, and the bright blue tub brought back memories. I was actually very curious to see how Noxema would work on my skin as the last time I used it I was probably in my early twenties (sadly, more than a few moons ago).

I agree with many of the tester reviews: while I liked the smell, and the cooling properties, it just didn’t cleanse my skin the way I like it. I also felt that it left a film and I also broke out after a few days of using it. My skin is prone to slight acne and blackheads, and they got worse, instead of better, with Noxema. I normally use a product with salicylic acid, or some kind of break-out prevention, and the heaviness of Noxema just didn’t cut it. My skin seemed oilier during the day, and I really missed the foaming action of my previous cleanser. For my skin, I would definitely need a really good toner after to make Noxema close to viable

I will probably keep it on hand to use after a long day in the sun, or for the occasional wake-up (the menthol/cooling factor is great for that) but it won’t replace any cleansers on a permanent basis in my medicine cabinet.


Ola Jacobchuk 5 August 2009 at 2:37 am

I really liked the smell and texture of this product, although it did a poor job of actually cleaning my skin.
For under 10 dollars, it is an okay product to have. It left my skin feeling oily but the initial product on skin was enjoyable.


Reza 14 August 2009 at 8:23 am

I have to say im pretty impressed with the product. The best result of using it is it wakes me up in the mornings. The lasting tingly feel seems to do what a cup of coffee sometimes cant do for me. Maybe its just that Im a guy and have zero experience with these types of products, but I genuinely look forward to giving my face a wash right after waking up. Also the jar has lasted me a long time so I would pay 10 bucks for it until my girlfriend, or maybe my mother, gives me a better alternative.



Denise 20 June 2010 at 12:44 pm

I used NOXEMA cleaning cream, since I was 21 years old, got to know this product when I first arrived in the United State from France….I am now 73 years old, and people think that I am 50., or under……! Never used soap since then. When younger used to leave it on my face till it disappeared… people see no wrinkles on my face. Noxema cleaning cream is a wonderful product.


Janine 20 June 2010 at 1:30 pm

Thanks so much for your comment, Denise! I’ve heard similar stories from other women who have used Noxzema for years and years and benefited from its moisturizing properties — nice to know something trusted and reliable is still widely available and at such a great price.


amarieb 22 August 2011 at 7:18 am

I’m surprised by many of these reviews. I find the smell, texture, and packaging all to be fine (and not something to make a huge fuss over).

I’ve been using Noxzema for a short while and it is the only thing that has made my skin clear up so quickly. In the summer, my skin is very unstable. I get it all, and it’s usually a new thing every day – whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, dry patches, and blemishes. So it’s very difficult for me to find something that works.

I have done Proactiv, I have done Dermologica, I have done some other weird dermatologist-perscribed regimen, I have done soap and water, and I have tried many over the counters. None of those products have yielded the effect that Noxzema has. There is a reason people use this product for decades. Sure, it doesn’t work for everyone, but for me I can see immediate results out of the shower (pores have unclogged themselves) and when I wake up the next morning. I hate using 3-step regimens and feeling like I have to do so much just to have clear skin. Honestly, I think that some of these skin care systems just counteract the problems that they produce. I’m happy that Noxzema is working for me and I hope that I can continue using it years into the future.


Janine 22 August 2011 at 11:56 am

I love that it’s working for you! This is what’s good about the variety of products out there. Although it’s overwhelming, there’s something for everyone. And whether it’s good or not often simply depends on whether your skin likes it or not. Again, yay for you!


Renee 7 March 2012 at 11:55 pm

Wow, I’m not sure how to react. Noxzema, this is the first time I’ve used this product. I have extremely oily skin, a billion black and white heads but usually I only tend to break out during my ovaries’ favourite time of the month. However, after using this I must admit, my face felt tingly fresh, supremely clean and smoother. After a couple days of using it i noticed that my face didn’t feel as oily as it usually did and my skin was ‘fresher’ for lack of a better word. I guess my only real complaint is that it dried out my skin to the point that it felt a little tight, even after a long day of work.(I live in a tropical climate and i unfortunately tend to perspire alot)

In essence its great for oily skin, and clearing up pimples, my white and blackheads still seem to be as stubborn as ever. So I recommend using a gentle exfoliating scrub to help along that process. Tis all. :)


Joy 3 October 2012 at 9:07 pm

I love Noxema! My mom started me on a routine when I was in grade school and I’m still using her technique to this day. People don’t believe that I’m 56 years old – more like in my late 30′s – I have no wrinkles and my skin is still as soft as it was in grade school. I don’t wear make-up so I use it for cleansing purposes only. The smell brings back my mom and I in the bathroom using her “technique” and is a great comfort to me. I’ll continue to use Noxema and keep my youthful, soft skin.


ashley 16 February 2013 at 3:34 pm

I hate noxzema it broke out my cheeks and chin and now i have black heads that i am trying to get rid of, but i dont knw what to use to make them go away any suggetstions? I only used noxzema to clean my face nothing was wrong with it my skin before, but now it is and i feel pale. I never wore makeup either like i said before i only used this product to clean my face, didnt expect the reation i got. Also it made my skin very light and now i have uneven skin coloring in my face, part of it is very light and another part is darker from the color i use to be. Any suggestions on how to get my original skin color back and remove these black heads????


Janine 17 February 2013 at 5:42 am

Hi Ashley,

I’m not sure how Noxzema can affect pigmentation/change your complexion’s colour, but let’s get some more info to make sure suggestions won’t conflict with anything else you’re using:

1) Do you mind if I ask your age? Are you in your 20s? 30s?
2) What’s your skin type? Oily? Does it get red and blotchy easily?
3) What did you use as cleanser before trying Noxzema? What are you using now?
4) Are you using any kind of scrub? If yes, how often?
5) Are you using a) salicylic acid or b) glycolic acid or c) retinol? If yes, how often?
6) What are you using as moisturizer?
7) Are you using SPF 15 or 30 daily? Do you use a separate SPF or is it in your moisturizer?
8) How long did you use the Noxzema? When did you stop?
9) How long did it take to see the changes in your skin after you started using the Noxzema?
10) Do you live in a sunny climate? How much sun did you get as a child? How much do you get now?

I know, lots of questions! Your answers will help me figure out what might help give you the complexion you should have :-)


cat 15 April 2013 at 9:08 pm

I love Noxzema! I just bought a tub today and at the familiar scent, I was rushed back to when I was 8 and poking around my older sister’s beauty stuff. For me, it took off all my makeup and left my face feeling soft and smooth yet clean without feeling dry. Love this stuff!!!


Janine 16 April 2013 at 12:08 am

So much of is it is that lovely nostalgia, isn’t it, Cat? And the soft skin :-)


Juanita 16 May 2013 at 9:21 pm

I started using Pro Active for my oily skin. It helped but I kept getting break outs. Then I remember Noxema! As it will be my second day, my face was oily by the end of work. I cannot find a happy medium with my face cleansers! Im stuck for ideas and I’m hoping that my oily skin will go away very soon or I just wasted money on another cleanser that is not working.


Janine 16 May 2013 at 11:20 pm

Hi Juanita,

What else are you using on your skin? After you cleanse, what’s next? And what kind of makeup — are you using any kind of foundation or powder?


Meredith H 19 May 2013 at 12:20 am

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS STUFF! I am 27 and my skin has always been great. however I recently moved to a very dry climate (from Ohio to Colorado) and suddenly I have pimples! I have tried everything I could think of this past year and Noxzema was just another cleanser on sale I could try. I remembered using it in high school for taking off stage makeup but i never used it as a daily cleanser. I just got engaged and not only will I be committing to a man but to my Noxzema! I have been using it for abut 3 weeks religiously and surprise surprise my face is almost totally clear. The last of my break outs are on their way out and my skin feels like real skin again. Please don’t ever discontinue this stuff I might just die ( insert dramatic swoon here).


Janine 20 May 2013 at 7:24 pm

Thanks so much for your comment Meredith — I love a happy-skin story! Congratulations on your engagement, and on your newly happy complexion :-)


megan 4 June 2013 at 4:21 pm

i’ve been using Noxema for about a week and a half. I havent seen much of a difference but i love the tingling feeling. After this week and a half i now dont feel that tingling feeling very much and have started to get the deep pimples on my forehead. Could Noxema have caused these pimples?


Janine 5 June 2013 at 12:52 am

Hi Megan,

It’s possible your skin doesn’t like the formula. It happens — everyone is different. Only way to know is take a break from the Noxzema for a bit. You could try something super gentle such as Spectro Gel for your skin type, or a mild exfoliating cleanser such as Garnier the Radiance Renewer, which contains a low dose of salicylic acid to help keep skin clear.


marlene 25 June 2013 at 1:13 pm

Hi: After years of not using Noxema, I bought a jar, mainly for the smellof it. Well it doesn`t smell the same as it used to?????? When did that change and why? Thank you


Janine 25 June 2013 at 11:30 pm

Hi Marlene,

That surprises me — a scent like Noxzema is almost iconic, so it seems unlikely the company would change it any way. I’ll see what I can find out.


marlene 26 June 2013 at 12:29 pm

hey………so for not paying attention, my daughter just pointed out to me that there are so many different kinds of Noxema. I got the one with added moisturizers in it. so I need to get the one with eucalyptus, to get that great smell. Thanks Marlene


Lori 26 June 2013 at 3:27 pm

I opened a travel-size jar in the drugstore the other day just to sniff it. I thought about buying it, but then remembered it left a terrible film on my skin. Back it went. But it did smell good.


Janine 26 June 2013 at 4:53 pm

Sharp-eyed daughter you have there, Marlene!

That distinctive scent really is time travel in a jar, isn’t it Lori?


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